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Enrollment Management Newsletter

Each month the EM Newsletter showcases the latest research on financial aid, national student data, higher education hot topics and more.

"AP Test Taker Success at Purdue"
March 2014

This newsletter examines the landscape of Advanced Placement (AP) exam takers at Purdue and their success in Purdue equivalent credit courses.

"Admitted Students Who Do Not Enroll at Purdue"
February 2014

This newsletter examines where admitted Purdue - West Lafayette students enroll if they choose not to attend Purdue. Purdue partners with the National Student Clearinghouse to track the other higher education institutions these students enroll. 

"Purdue Transfer Students"
January 2014

This newsletter examines the characteristics of students who transfer from any two or four-year post-secondary institution to Purdue-West Lafayette.

"Geographic Mapping of Applicants, Enrollees and Student Yield"

December 2013

This newsletter maps Purdue’s reach across the United States and the world. It examines the number of fall 2013 applicants and enrolled students by state and country, and a detailed map of Indiana’s yield by county.

"Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment"
November 2013

The recruitment of undergraduate students to Purdue involves a variety of activities.  This newsletter examines the different efforts and yield rates associated with undergraduate recruitment.

"Upward Trends Continue for Retention and Graduation"
October 2013

Retention and graduation rates have increased over the last six-years. This newsletter examines retention and graduation rates, as well as the differences among the academic colleges.

"Fall 2013 New Entering Class"
September 2013

This month's newsletter takes a closer look at the new entry class for fall of 2013. Purdue welcomed 6,283 new entering students this fall.

"New Beginners with Incoming Credit"
August 2013

An increasing number of new incoming students enter Purdue having earned college credit while in high school. From 2009-2011, these students made up 18% of the total incoming class. This newsletter examines Purdue cumulative GPA and retention by incoming credit type for new beginners.

"Supplemental Instruction"
July 2013

This newsletter examines the student support program, Supplemental Instruction (SI), administered by Student Success at Purdue. Re-established in 2011, SI provides academic support to high-level thinkers and self-empowered learners.

"Purdue Degrees"
June 2013

This newsletter examines growth and change in Purdue degrees by level, type and academic college.

"Recruitment Pipeline of High School Graduates"

May 2013

This newsletter examines the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education's (WICHE) projections of U.S. high school graduates. It will discuss where declines and growths are expected to occur, and present the recruitment pipeline in Indiana.

"Strategic Use of Financial Aid"
April 2013

This newsletter examines how Purdue has strategically used financial aid dollars to attract greater numbers of students who add to the academic quality and vitality of the Purdue community. Additionally, the newsletter reports on the retention and graduation rates of Presidential and Trustee scholarship awardees.

"Student Debt at Purdue and Beyond"
March 2013

In collaboration with the Division of Financial Aid, this newsletter examines Purdue student debt. It focuses on who is taking out student loans, how much debt is accumulated, and who is repaying loans.

"National Clearinghouse Tracking of Purdue Students"
February 2013

This newsletter examines how the National Student Clearinghouse allows Purdue to track where our current and former students enroll nationally. It focuses on where admitted students enroll if they choose not to attend Purdue, where students enroll if they leave Purdue after their first-year and registered students who are concurrently enrolled at Purdue and another institution simultaneously.

 "Admitted Students' Perceptions of Purdue"
January 2013

This newsletter provides an overview of two surveys of admitted students from the fall 2012 class. The first was the admitted student questionnaire (administered by Eduventures, Inc.) that was sent to all admitted students to ask about their recruitment experience. The second was a phone survey of domestic underrepresented minority students who were admitted to Purdue and choose not to attend, asking about thier college decision process.

"Geographic Mapping of Applicant, Admit and Enrolled Students"
December 2012

This newsletter examines the distribution of fall 2012 applicants, admits and enrolled students by new beginners and overall undergraduate enrollment.

 "Purdue Students with Veteran Status"
November 2012

In collaboration with Student Success at Purdue (formerly known as SATS) and the Division of Financial Aid (DFA), this edition of the Enrollment Management Newsletter focuses on student veterans at Purdue. It examines the enrollment, grade point average, financial aid, and available resources for student veterans on campus.

"Retention and At-Risk Students"
October 2012

This EM newsletter presents the most current retention and graduation rates, as well as results from a recent survey examining students at risk of leaving the institution and the factors they indicate impacted their decision to leave or remain at Purdue.

"Fall 2012 Entering Class"
September 2012

This issue of the EM Newsletter showcases that the new beginners entering Purdue this fall represent most US states and many countries around the world. This fall's entering class is also Purdue's most academically prepared.

"The CODO Student at Purdue-West Lafayette"
August 2012

This newsletter examines students who CODO at Purdue-West Lafayette, how frequently it happens, who are the main importers and exporters, and the impact on time to degree.

"The Student Financial Aid Landscape at Purdue-West Lafayette"
July 2012

In this newsletter, the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) displays the historical disbursement of Purdue student aid, undergraduate student debt, student loan default rates, Indiana/Purdue resident demography and Pell Grant recipient graduation rate. 

"Retention and Graduation Rates at Purdue-West Lafayette"
June 2012

This month's newsletter examines the fall-to-fall retention and graduation rates for Purdue students who enter the university as first-year full-time enrollees. These are important metrics for Purdue's student success since 86% of the undergraduate population enters the university as first-time full-time students.

"Increasing Academic Profile of New First-Year Students"
May 2012

This issue of the EM Newsletter discusses the data behind the “Increasing Academic Profile of New First-Year Students.” The incoming new first-year profile continues to show upwards trends in academic preparedness over the last 4 years. From this we take a closer look at national trends compared to the Purdue trends in new beginner SAT and ACT scores, and advanced placement tests and subject test. You will also see how the changing academic profile is associated with trends in Purdue’s first term and first year GPA.

"The Purdue Credit Hour"
April 2012

The first issue of the EM Newsletter takes a closer look at credit hours. Recent legislation will limit the maximum number of credits allowed per degree in Indiana. From this we take a closer look at “The Purdue Credit Hour.” You will see Purdue student data on the average number of credit hours a student has upon graduation, the average credit hours attempted and earned per semester, and the average GPA on attempted credits per term.

For questions, comments and data requests please contact enrollmentmanagement@purdue.edu.