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Core EM - Financial Aid

Ted Malone
Executive Director

Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

The Division of Financial Aid will offer seamless delivery of financial aid and financial aid services allowing students to conduct all of their financial aid activities online.  We will become a national leader in the area of student financial aid delivery and will promote educating students and their parents in financial literacy.  Through our research activities, we will strengthen our understanding of the needs and the impact of financial aid by recruiting and retaining students through graduation.  We will be supportive of the diversity and inclusion goals within the institution by having a multicultural workforce able to provide exemplary customer service to a diverse student body.

Mission Statement

The Division of Financial Aid mission is to assist students and parents by providing a supportive environment which helps families apply for and receive financial aid resources to assist in meeting their Purdue college expenses.  We will become a national leader in the area of student financial literacy and will promote the education of students and their parents in financial literacy.  We educate students and their parents in understanding the financial aid process and financial aid program guidelines.  We provide data and research to support new financial aid programs or to change existing financial aid programs for more effective recruitment and retention of students through graduation.  By assisting with Purdue affordability, students are able to participate in becoming global citizens.  We are dedicated to making a positive difference for those we serve.  We embrace a culture that treats all students, parents, faculty, and staff with respect, collegiality, and civility.


Work EthicWork performance at a high level every day.

Helping Others The core of our service, to make a difference in the lives of students.

Accuracy, Fairness, EquityAccuracy in our work is important; supportive of fairness and equity in delivery of financial aid to students and their parents.

Problem Solving and Analytical SkillsDeveloping analytical and problem solving skills among all of our employees. 

EmpathyAssist families by always keeping empathy for families in the forefront.

Diversity/Multicultural Appreciation and respect for the unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions of individuals and cultures.

HistoryAppreciation for those who have come before us and laid a foundation which we build on each day in our service to students and parents.

IntegrityEnsuring ethical integrity in all our endeavors.

Professional Development and TrainingRobust training environment for all staff.

Collaboration/Collegiality, Civility, and RespectAn environment which fosters teamwork, honest communication, and support for each other, civility, respect, and collegiality toward students, parents, faculty, and staff.

ResearchResearch into financial aid practices and awarding which will help us manage financial aid programs more effectively and assures that financial aid resources are awarded in support of University recruitment and retention goals. 

Fiduciary ResponsibilitiesUnderstanding the serious nature of our fiduciary responsibilities in managing major amounts of federal, state, institutional, and private student aid dollars.

Personal Health and WellnessStaff well-being and offering a work environment that is positive, productive, rewarding, and offers a sense of purpose to our staff.

Stewardship – Using our resources wisely.