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  DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM - Tips and Techniques For BrioQueries

How do I create a TOTAL at the bottom of the column or to the right hand side of the column?

  1. Left-click on the tab at the bottom of the column or right hand side of the column you want to add the total in. This will highlight the column.
  2. Go to the Brio toolbar and double-click on the “Grant Total” icon.

How do I re-name a field?

  • Just double-click on the field or other data you want to re-name and type in the new name in the prompt box.

My screen doesn’t display the Limit line, I only have the Request line displaying. How do I get the Limit line to display?

  • Just go to the right hand side of your screen on the gray bar where the two blue arrows are. Just click on Limit to display your limit line. You may want to do the same thing for the sort line in the results section.

How can I emphasize rows or columns of the pivot table by applying formatting like colors or styles?

  1. ROW: hold down your Alt key and click on the row from the left hand side of the pivot. This will highlight it. Now go to the Brio toolbar and select any style or color formatting you want to perform.
  2. COLUMN: hold down your Alt key and click on the column from the top of the pivot. This will highlight it. Now go to the Brio toolbar and select any style or color formatting you want to perform.

How do I create a % of Column to display the percentages alongside the numbers?

  1. Assuming you have already placed some type of “count” in the Facts section of the Pivot table, add the same field alongside the first one in the Facts section. You now have 2 columsn displaying the same data.
  2. Left-click somewhere in the data in the second column in order to select the column. Then, right click on the highlighted data.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Data Functions, Percent of Column.

Note: There may be instances where you may want to perform this same type of function on a row. In this case, simply select percent of row instead of percent of column

How do I add a column name above the side label columns in the pivot tables?

  • While in the pivot table, from the BrioQuery toolbar, select Format, Corner labels, Side.

Note: You cannot change the name of the column header when performing this function.

How do I GROUP data together into one field (eg: grouping of Registration School codes into one field that can be renamed)?

  1. Assuming you have Registration School codes all listed down the side column in the pivot table, hold down your CTL key and single left click on the individual registration schools to highlight the ones you want to group together. For example all the Technology Registration School codes end in T, so select them.
  2. From the Brio toolbar, select the paperclip icon.
  3. After the data are grouped together, the resulting label is displayed with an asterisk to indicate a grouping has been done on this field.
  4. Rename the grouping field by double-clicking on the label you just created and type in a new field name.

Note: You may want to keep the asterisk in the new name so that you know the field in the pivot table has been grouped together. To ungroup the items, simply left click on the field you want to ungroup to highlight it, then go to the Brio toolbar and click on the paperclip icon. The grouped fields will return to their original configuration.

How do I chart a pivot table?

  1. While on the pivot table you want to create the chart for, go to the Brio toolbar and select “Insert,” “Chart This Pivot.” DO NOT select “Insert,” “New Chart.”
  2. The chart will automatically be created for you in a bar chart format. You may use the chart icon on the toolbar to select a different format.
  3. To re-organize the chart, simply click and drag the data from one label location to another in the outliner at the bottom of the screen.

How do I make a second query in the query section?

  1. While in the query section, go to the Brio toolbar and select “Insert,” “New Query.”
  2. You will be prompted to use the same data model. You have the option of creating a query using an entirely different model, or one using the same model the first query was created with.
  3. If you select a different data model, you will need to select it from the list of those data models appearing in the Repository.
  4. The second query will now appear in the query section and it will be numbered as the second query.

How do I cancel a query when I have already processed it?

  • Hold down your Alt key, then hold down the End key until the query is canceled.

How do I pull together two fields into one field (eg: Academic Year + Academic Session Code into one field called Year/Session - Also called CONCAT)?

  1. While on the Query section, single left click on the “Request” box to highlight the request line.
  2. Go to the Brio toolbar and select Query
  3. From the dropdown box, select Add Computed Item
  4. IN the Name box, enter Year/Session
  5. To the right of the Definition box, single left click on Reference
  6. Select the table you want to pull the first field from in the Topic box. Then select the field name from the Item box (in this case the table name, then select Academic Year). Click OK.
  7. Click the plus sign in the bottom left hand side of the Modify Item box.
  8. Click on Reference and follow the same procedure for identifying the Academic Session Code. Click OK.
  9. On the Modify Item box, click the OK button and you’re ready to process your query.

Note: If you want a space between your items, you need to insert two sets of double-quotes (“”) for every space between the year and the session after the plus sign, then put another plus sign after the end of the last set of double quotes. This function can also be performed on the pivot sections if you prefer.

How do I change my Brio password?

  1. Open an existing Brio query that you have created or saved.
  2. Go to the Brio toolbar and select “Tools,” “Connections Manager.”
  3. In the Document Connections box on the left hand side of the screen, single left-click on your Dssstu.oce
  4. On the right hand side of the screen, under Connection Information, click the button called Change Database Password.
  5. Enter your old password and your new password, then click OK.


Where is the DSS Query Library?

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