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  DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM (DSS) - DSS Access and Security Form

** In order to request access you must be a Purdue University employee **

  • Financial and Human Resource applicants are only considered when included in their area's management plan.
  • Student DSS applicants must meet the following prerequisites before applying for access to DSS.
If you are already familiar with the requirements for DSS access outlined below AND the University Data Security and Access Policy Statement as outlined in Executive Memorandum No. C-34, then go to the DSS Access Form.

The following is intended to give you a background regarding your request for access to the Decision Support System and its security options. Before applying for access to one or more of the DSS data profiles, please read the following:

Access Request Form
The Data Steward for the respective subject area of Student, Financial, and Employee supports the recommendation to place the data in the data warehouse for each subject area on the same server. The prerequisite for providing access on a single server is to provide the capability to offer access to the data in the Decision Support System (DSS) by individual subject area and that within each subject area access can be offered by a complete (restricted) and/or general view of the data.

The Data Stewards recognize the benefits of combining all of the data in the data warehouse on a single server as providing the ability to relate data between the subject areas and sharing common dimension tables in the database. In order to gain these benefits a complete (restricted), as well as, a general view of the data must be provided and the access needs to be able to be provided for each subject area separately. This will provide the degree of flexibility needed to offer access to the data for which the staff member has a business need and for which appropriate training has been provided to the staff member.

The Dean of the academic school on each campus and the department head of any central and/or administrative unit on each campus is authorized to grant access to the data to the staff member in that school or department. Indicate all of the subject areas on the authorization for access or change of access. Submit one email message addressed to all appropriate subject area Data Stewards for creation of the staff members account. The authorization must include the training dates/plans for the staff member. The Data Stewards have an ongoing responsibility for validating the client accounts that have been established, confirming that requiring training plans are in place for the clients and preparing reports pertaining to usage of the data warehouse by the clients.

It is presumed that unless there is a change or break in the staff member's Accessor ID (ACID) that the account with DSS would remain active. However, if a staff member changes positions and/or roles requiring access to new or different subject area(s) in DSS a new Authorization for Access will be required from the appropriate dean or authorized representative. If a new ACID is requested the need to access data in DSS will be reevaluated and access to the appropriate subject areas provided based upon business need. Student DSS users must have a current ACID in order to obtain complete access to the DSS tables; otherwise, access will be limited to the general view (unable to query using student names or ID numbers).

Click on the following link to apply for access to the DSS data:
DSS Access Form

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