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All requests are to be submitted using e-mail. To submit your request, complete this form, select the data areas to receive your information, and push the "Submit" button at the end of this form. You can change information on the form at any time. Simply re-enter or re-type the information before pushing the submit button. Authorization requests will only be accepted from Deans, Directors, Department Heads, WAI Skills Leaders, Business Office Training Coordinators, or other authorized representatives.
Section A - Requester
Name (first, mi, last):

Section B - Individual Needing Access
Name (first, mi, last):
School or Department name:
Please select the reason for this request:
1. Request authorization to access the data in the DSS Warehouse as specified in the profile below:
2. Is no longer an employee with the need to have access to the data in the DSS Warehouse
  Please delete username:
3. Has changed position at the University. Requires modification of access originally granted to the profile below

Section C - Technical Support Contact Information for your area, school, or department
In order to ensure connectivity and proper installation of software, please provide the information requested below.
Name of Tech Support Person:
Phone for Tech Support Person:
Email for Tech Support Person:

Section D
Select the type of data you are requesting access to, as well as, the type of profile access needed. In making a decision as to the type of profile being requested, refer to the following: DEFAULT VIEW PROFILE provides access to name, home address, telephone number, and other information for staff with the exception of social security number in the Employee area. GENERAL VIEW PROFILE provides access to the data without the ability to identify an individual. COMPLETE VIEW PROFILE provides access to the restricted accounts in the Financial Area; the name, social security number, home address, telephone number, and other information for staff in the Employee Area; and the name, student identification number, address, and telephone numbers of students in the Student Area.
  Default General Complete  
Access request for: View Profile View Profile View Profile None
Financial Data  
Human Resource Data
Student Data

Section E

What are your Training Plans for this staff member in the following areas?
(Please use the return key at the end of each line within the text area)

Prerequisite Skills
If this individual does not meet all the prerequisite requirements as described in the prerequisite checksheet, list your training plans below (Please use the "enter" key at end of each line within the text box.).


BrioQuery Software
If BrioQuery is not installed on this individual's workstation, what is the time-frame to complete the installation (Please use "enter" key at end of each line within the text box.)?


Section F
By submitting this form you certify that you are a Purdue University Employee  

You only need to complete the form once. DO NOT click the submit button more than once.

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