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Have a Healthy Baby

Have a Healthy Baby is a prenatal nutrition education program consisting of six lessons that emphasize nutrition and lifestyle choices — smoking, drinking, and drugs. The program is research-based and taught by trained, caring professionals. It includes a highly visual, interactive, and complete curriculum. It is available in English and Spanish.

All pregnant teens are encouraged to participate in the program. Schools and community centers generally recommend those who are in need. The program assists many pregnant at-risk teens and adults in their homes or community centers, including WIC clinics. Topics include:
  • Adequate weight gain and healthy nutritional choices
  • Consequences of smoking, drinking, and drugs
  • Importance of early and continuous prenatal care
  • Infant feeding choices: breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Impact of mother-to-be’s decisions on herself and her baby
The program is taught in more than 239 middle and high schools, community agencies, and sites throughout Indiana. The program has been replicated in Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and 35 other states have purchased the curriculum.

For more information contact: Donna Vandergraff