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Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

In Indiana, EFNEP works with three limited resource audiences: adults, youth, and pregnant teens and adults. EFNEP is taught by specially trained paraprofessionals called family nutrition advisors (FNAs). These caring individuals usually live in the areas and neighborhoods in which they work. The FNAs are trained in food safety and basic nutrition in order to teach the program. EFNEP is currently taught in six counties, located in three clusters around the state (Marion, Madison, and Lake counties).

What Topics Are Covered?
Core lessons include the following topics:
  • making the most of limited food resources
  • planning meals and shopping
  • MyPyramid
  • physical activity
  • nutrition facts label
  • food safety
  • importance of breakfast
  • snacks
  • feeding young children
  • "Have A Healthy Baby" lessons are taught to pregnant participants

For more information contact: Donna Vandergraff