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Dining with Diabetes

This program is targeted to diabetics or those at risk for diabetes and their caregivers, but it is also helpful to anyone interested in diabetes or friends and family of a diabetic.

  1. Topics Covered
    • food choice
    • diet planning
    • healthy cooking
    • portion control
    • medical indicator awareness
    • healthy activity levels for those with diabetes
  2. Evaluation -
  3. Statistical analysis of this program revealed that participants:
    • feel more empowered and confident that they can take good care of their diabetes or the diabetes of a loved one
    • exercised more
    • ate more fruits and vegetables
    • checked blood sugar levels more often
    • practiced more healthy diet habits after the program when compared to pre-program habits
Participants also have the opportunity to watch food preparation presentations and taste test as well as take copies of recipes home with them.

For more information contact your county Extension office: