Fast Follow Purdue Emergency

Twitter's "Fast Follow" feature allows you to receive Purdue Emergency text message alerts without signing up for a Twitter account. Just text "follow purdueemergency" to 40404. You will receive a text message confirming your request.

Once you have set up "Fast Follow," you can:

  1. Text "OFF" to 40404 to temporarily stop receiving text message alerts from Twitter.
  2. Text "ON" to 40404 to begin receiving text message alerts again.
  3. Text "unfollow purdueemergency" to 40404 to stop receiving purdueemergency text message alerts.

If you have a Twitter account, follow "purdueemergency" to see alerts on your Twitter home page. You also have the option to receive alerts via text message through your Twitter account.

Purdue Emergency twitter account:

Twitter's help page about fast following

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