Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration is recommended for faculty, staff, and students who ride on the Purdue Campus. Registration is an aid for recovery of a bicycle that is stolen, and it also facilitates enforcement of bicycle regulations.

Registration is free and easy. You are encouraged to expedite the registration process by utilizing the online bicycle registration form, following these procedures:

  • Print out the bicycle registration form available online then fill in the information asked for in the first five lines. Please print legibly.
  • Bring the registration form and your bicycle to the Purdue Police Department, 205 South Martin Jischke Drive, to complete the remainder of the registration information with the assistance of an officer or staff member. You must bring your bicycle with you.
  • In order for the bicycle registration system to be effective, the information provided must be accurate. Having the correct serial number is particularly important. Some manufacturers use both a name and a number for a model designation, and both a serial number and a model number may be stamped on the bicycle. Be certain that the number that is recorded on this form as the serial number is indeed the serial number.
  • If you also have a student identification number engraved on the bicycle, it should be included on this form under "Miscellaneous Number." This is in accordance with University Policies and Regulations Number 7.03 (a).
  • Printed registration forms are available at the Purdue Police Department. You can come to police headquarters with your bicycle and complete a printed registration form with the assistance of an officer or staff member once you get there.
  • If you have questions, call the Purdue Police at (765) 494-8221.

Of the more than 100 bicycles reported stolen at Purdue each year, most are not registered. You can do yourself a favor by registering your bicycle and by keeping it locked to a bike rack at all times.