Resources for Faculty and Teaching Assistants

  1. Emergency Preparedness Quick Reference Guide (PDF) (DOCX)
  2. Guidelines for Faculty and Teaching Assistants in case of a campus emergency
  3. Classroom Safety Resource Materials (including Purdue policy for tornado warnings and fire alarms)
  4. Links to information about ongoing emergencies and campus operational status:
  5. Emergency Prepareedness Safety Briefing Template for course syllabus & first day of class safety briefing
  6. Take time in class to have students sign up for Purdue-ALERT emergency text messages.
  7. Let students know that emergency information and updates will be posted on Purdue's Campus Status at
  8. Request an email distribution list for your class so that you can alert students of cancellations or changes to an assignment.

Additional Classroom Emergency Preparedness Resources

  1. Checklist for gathering safety information for classrooms and laboratories (PDF)
  2. Purdue Emergency Procedures Guide -- Online flipbook version.  (wall-mount/desktop version availible upon request)
  3. Quick Reference Guide -- 1-page guide to Purdue-ALERT, Evacuation & Shelter-In-Place Procedures
  4. Safety videos to show in class: