Purdue University Dreamer Award

The Dreamer Award is presented annually to an individual or organization within the Purdue University community whose contributions embody Martin Luther King, Jr.'s vision of service to others and furthers the University's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Nominations for the 2016 Dreamer Award will be accepted through December 28, 2015. Retirees and alumni are also eligible for nomination. The Award will be presented on Thursday, January 19, 2016 at 7:00m in Loeb Playhouse as part of the University Celebration honoring the contributions and legacy of Dr. King.

Please direct any inquires to Dr. Carolyn E. Johnson, director of the Diversity Resource Office via email: dro@purdue.edu or phone: 765-494-7307.


2015:                     Dr. Willie M. Reed

2014:                     Mr. Christopher J. Martin and Dr. David Rollock

2013:                     Ms. Jackie Jimerson and Mr. Jesse Moore

2011 – 2012:          Dr. Kenneth Ridgway

2010:                     Dr. Thelma Snuggs

2009:                     Ms. Patricia A. Carlisle and Mr.  James Foster

2008:                     Ms. Brenda Coulson

2007:                     Ms. Ashley Hornberger; Dr. Sally Mason and Ms. Renee Thomas

2006:                     Dr. Mark J.T. Smith

2005:                     Dr. Klod Kokini

2004:                     Ms. Jane Cassidy; Mr.  Kenneth E. Field and Ms. Elaine M. McVay

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