DiversiKey Certificate Program

The DiversiKey Certificate Program is a competencies based program of curricular, co-curricular, and field experiences in diversity and leadership. Core competencies, skills, and cognition areas are organized into three clusters, personal growth, interpersonal development, and community involvement. The use of these competency clusters offers skills based progression to guide development and assess achievement. While Purdue is often referred to as a “silo” campus, it is noteworthy that DiversiKey students come from all the academic colleges and the mix of international, domestic majority and underrepresented minority students enrolled in DiversiKey mirrors the campus and world. DiversiKey enables students to acquire the diversity leadership skills and competencies needed to succeed, and thus its tag line, Diversity is the Key to Global Success.


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DiversiKey Eligible Events

Additional Events:

Latin American Film Festival - March 21st

Brittany Cooper Lecture - March 23rd

Trans Day of Visibility Panel - March 28