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When we’re younger, a sense of mutual respect and inclusion came to us naturally. We seemed to innately know not to interrupt our peers, to listen our teachers, to be polite to everyone.

But as we grow older, something happens to this natural affinity. We may stop showing consideration for our peers with different values and viewpoints. We may lose respect and appreciation for those who teach us.

Because your experience at Purdue, goes a long way in shaping the kind of citizen you will be, the Division is committed to enhancing the success of all students through a focus on an aspect of what connects us all – Respect. Respect is given when we treat others with the same consideration we’d like to get back. And so we encourage you to be the change you want to see. Get involved in a student organization. Attend the events and programs sponsored by this Division. Take advantage of resources available to you.

The members of the Division of Diversity and Inclusion invite you to take you to join us in building a more welcoming and inclusive Purdue community! Follow us on Twitter @PUDiversity for ways you can participate. Take the pledge and Make That Change!

Diverse Student Organizations

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