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Purdue Libraries displays

Siegesmund Engineering Library (Potter) - January 13-31
Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes
Display created by Sandy Galloway

Hicks Undergraduate Library (Hicks) - January 13-31
“Triumph over Fear” - Nelson Mandela’s quest for social justice in South Africa (media display)
Display created by Ann O’Donnell

M.G. Mellon Library of Chemistry (Wetherill) - January 13-31
Julian Bond, American social activist and leader in the American civil rights movement
Display created by Becky Hunt

Physics Library (Physics) - January 13-31
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Center
Display created by Becky Hunt

Humanities, Social Sciences & Education Library (Stewart Center) - January 20-31
Zora Neale Hurston, American folklorist, anthropologist and author
Display created by Patrick Whalen

Mathematical Sciences Library (Math, 3rd floor display case) - January 20-February 28
What do Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein Have in Common?
Display created by Nastasha Johnson

Black Cultural Center Library (BCC) January 15 –February 28
The Black Freedom Struggle across America
Display created by Jamillah R. Gabriel