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jarrod doucetteJarrod Doucette
Department: Forestry & Natural Resources
Position: GIS and Database Specialist
Area: Geographic Information Systems
Email: jdoucett@purdue.edu 
laura esmanLaura Esman
Department:Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Position: Water Quality Program Coordinator
Area: Water monitoring, performance measures for watershed management, aquatic plant management
Email: lesman@purdue.edu
rose filleyRose Filley
Department: Global Sustainability (PCCRC, PWC)
Position: Managing Director 
Area: Climate change, sustainability
Email: rfilley@purdue.edu
Carolyn FoleyCarolyn Foley
Department: Forestry & Natural Resources
Position: Research Technician
Area: Fisheries biology
Email: bowling@purdue.edu
leighanne hahnLeighanne Hahn
Department: Office of the State Chemist
Position: Ground Water Program Specialist
Area: Water quality and endangered species
Email: hahnl@purdue.edu
megan hellerMegan Heller
Department: Agronomy
Position: Laboratory Technician 
Area: Water quality monitoring and lab analysis
Email: mheller@purdue.edu
steven hoffmanSteven Hoffman
Department: Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Position: Director of Academic Programs 
Area: curricular development, student advising, bringing sustainability concepts into courses across engineering
Email: srh@purdue.edu
carl huettemanCarl Huetteman
Department: Agricultural Administration
Position: Director of Academic Programs 
Area: Sponsored program development, Proposal coordination
Email: carlhuetteman@purdue.edu
mary schiweitzerMary Schiweitzer
Department: Global Engineering Program
Position: Program Manager
Area: Administrative, program organization
Email: marygs@purdue.edu
larry thellerLarry Theller
Department: Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Position: Geographic Information Systems Specialist 
Area: Online models for land use change impact on environmental factors.
Email: theller@purdue.edu


About the Purdue Water Community

The Purdue Water Community facilitates water-related research, teaching, and engagement to improve and sustain human and ecosystem health. Everyone in the Purdue community who works on water-related research or education is welcome to participate by joining the Water Community.

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Inland Lakes Project
This project focuses on research efforts to improve the ability of managers and stakeholders to anticipate how potential management decisions and natural dynamics influence physical, chemical and biological characteristics of lakes. 
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