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Sylvie Brouder

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3-351 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences
College of Agriculture
West Lafayette, IN 47907


  1. Research Skills and Interests: Design/implementation/statistical analysis of field and controlled environment experiments on nutrient budgets and plant-soil nutrient cycling process in crop plants including sampling strategies, variable rate nutrient management, environmental C and N losses and crop nutrient use efficiency. Evaluation of agricultural systems and practices with respect to their ecological viability and sustainability, including influences on surface/groundwater and air quality. Examination of rooting dynamics, the root-soil interface and root/shoot ecophysiology. Multivariate statistical approaches to analysis of environmental data sets. 
  2. Director of Purdue University Water Quality Field Station (WQFS): Brouder directs research activities at the WQFS, a multi-user, in-field laboratory dedicated to the study of C and N cycling in agro-ecosystems. She assists other researchers in mining data from the long-term database associated with this facility. She is involved in numerous interdisciplinary projects focusing on relationships between nutrient cycling and agricultural sustainability with colleagues representing a broad array of disciplines. In 2007, WQFS treatments were modified to encompass several candidate biofuel cropping systems as part of a team initiative to quantify comparative feedstock productivity potentials and carbon, nitrogen and water economies. 
  3. Regional Research Projects: Brouder collaborates with colleagues from across the U.S.A. to pursue common research and outreach objectives for all major U.S. agricultural crops and regions in the areas of N management for maize (NC 1032), soil testing and plant analysis diagnositics (NCERA 13) and spatial variability and soil-specific management (NCERA 180). She provides leadership for Purdue University in applied/basic research and outreach for the 10-state Consortium for Agricultural Soils Mitigation of Greenhouses Gases (CASMGS) 
  4. Outreach & Teaching: Brouder is responsible for state-wide adult education programming that emphasizes precision agriculture, spatial variability and nutrient use-efficiency in agro-ecosystems and nutrient loss to surface waters from mixed-use watersheds. As a recognized expert in N and K, she frequently gives invited lectures at the regional, national, and international levels. Brouder teaches Plant Mineral Nutrition, at the advanced undergraduate / graduate level. In addition, she routinely has 2 to 5 undergraduates involved in the on-going research activities in his laboratory. 
  5. Professional Service: Brouder has served the Soil Science Society of America as an associate editor for their journal and the Agronomy Society of America as a Chair for the Division of Integrated Agricultural Systems. She has served as a peer reviewer for numerous journals and grant programs and has served on review panels for the Managed Ecosystems Program of the USDA National Research Initiative and the Watersheds, Water Availability and Ecosystems Restoration Program of USDA-ARS.

  Expertise: Plant mineral nutrition, Water quality, Soil fertility, Plant-soil interrelationships, Agro-ecology, Cropping systems



Degrees: B.A., Harvard University, 1985 

Ph.D., University of California, 1993

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