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John Cushman

Contact Information

Math Sciences Building, Rm 816 and Civil Engineering Building, Rm 3223
Purdue University Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
550 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051


Phone: (765) 494-8040 or (765) 494-3258

The focus of Professor Cushman's research is the physics of fluids in porous media, over time/space scales ranging from picoseconds/angstroms to years/miles. Problems of special interest are (i) species separation and phase change in micropores, (ii) dispersion in media with continuously evolving heterogeneity, (iii) swelling colloidal systems, (iv) reservoir-scale dispersion of environmental contaminants in natural geological media, (v) transconjugation of genes between microbes their evolution in the environment, and (vi) developing theories for the evolution of earths plates. Some past and present examples are presented below.

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