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Ron Turco

Contact Information

Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall, room 105 and G-121 Lilly Hall
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Ron’s research concentrates on how the environment controls the functions of soil microorganisms. He is looking at microbial processing of plant residues and how this affects the mass balance of carbon in soil. His group strives to understand the diversity of organisms in nature and the functional and genetic mechanisms used by them to adapt to their environment.

Selected Publications

Nyberg, L., R. F. Turco and L. Nies. 2008. Assessing the Impact of Nanomaterials on Anaerobic Microbial Communities, Submitted. Environmental Science and Technology. In press.

Tong, Z., M. Bischoff, L. F. Nies, B. Applegate, and R. F. Turco. 2007. Impact of Fullerene (C60) on a soil microbial community. Environmental Science and Technology. 41:2985-2991.

Joynt, J., M. Bischoff, R. Turco, A. Konopka and C. H. Nakatsu. 2006. Microbial Community Analysis of Soils Contaminated with Lead, Chromium and Petroleum Hydrocarbons Microbial Ecology. 51:209-219.

Edwards, I. P., J. L. Cripliver, A. R. Gillespie, K. H. Johnsen and R. F. Turco. 2004. Nitrogen availability alters basidiomycete community structure in optimally fertilized loblolly pine forests. New Phytologist. 162:755-770.

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