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Linda Prokopy

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West Lafayette, IN 47907


Linda Prokopy’s research focuses on the human dimensions of water resources. She conducts research both in Indiana and internationally. She is co-leader of a regional initiative (EPA Region V) to develop social indicators for non point source projects. She has extensive experience collecting and analyzing household and village level data about water supply issues in India and Peru. She is currently interested in extending her work to look at the impact of climate variability on water vulnerability and ways to incorporate public involvement and feedback into climate models.

Selected Publications:

Whittington, Dale, Jennifer Davis, Linda Prokopy, Kristin Komives, Richard Thorsten, Heather Lukacs, Alex Bakalian, Wendy Wakeman. How well is the demand-driven, community management model for rural water supply systems doing? Evidence from Bolivia, Peru, and Ghana. Water Policy (in press)

Prokopy, Linda Stalker and Rich Thorsten. The role of wealth, income and social capital in determining a household’s choice to participate in rural water supply projects in Peru. Environment and Planning C. (In press)

Thompson, Aaron and Linda Prokopy. Using spatial data to inform farmland preservation policy. Land Use Policy. (In press)

Prokopy, Linda Stalker. Determinants and benefits of household level participation in rural drinking water projects in India. Journal of Development Studies. (In press)

Prokopy, Linda Stalker, Rich Thorsten, Alex Bakalian, Wendy Wakeman. 2008. Evaluating the role of post-construction support in sustaining drinking water projects: Evidence from Peru. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 27(3): 294-305.

Prokopy, Linda Stalker. 2008. Ethical concerns in researching collaborative natural Resource management. Society and Natural Resources, 21(3): 258-265.

Prokopy, Linda Stalker. 2005. The relationship between participation and project outcomes: Evidence from rural water supply projects in India. World Development, 33(11): 1801-1819.

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