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Bryan Pijanowski

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FORS 203


Bryan is interested in the coupling of processes driving land use change and climate change at local to regional scales. He has developed several spatial-temporal models that have been used to forecast land use change in the United States, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. He is currently working on several EPA and NSF funded projects that examine how land use, hydrology and climate dynamics change across different spatial and temporal scales. He is also involved in development of agent-based models that contain behavioral, adaptive, economic and environmental components. He also uses the MODIS vegetation reflectance products to link land use change to land surface parameters important to land-atmosphere boundary fluxes. He has also published in the area of climate-animal population dynamics where he developed simulation models that examine how climate influences parental care patterns in birds and the spread of invasive forest-pest species in northern climates.

Selected Publications

Pontius Jr., R., W. Boersma, J. Castella, K. Clarke, T. de Nijs, C. Dietzel, Z. Duan, E. Fotsing, N. Goldstein, K. Kok, E. Koomen, C. Lippitt, W. McConnell, B. Pijanowski, S. Pithadia, A.Sood, S. Sweeney, T. Trung, and P. Verburg. 2008. Comparing input, output and validation maps for several models of land change. Annals of Regional Science (forthcoming).

Pijanowski, B., D. Ray, A. Kendall, J. Duckles and D. Hyndman. 2007. Using backcast land use change and groundwater travel-time models to generate land use legacy maps for watershed management. Ecology and Society 12(2):25

Olson, J., G. Alagarswamy, J. Andresen, D. Campbell, A. Davis, J. Ge, M. Huebner, B. Lofgren, D. Lusch, N. Moore, B. Pijanowski, J. Qi, P. Thornton, N. Torbick, J. Wang. 2007. Integrating Diverse Methods to Understand Climate-Land Interactions in East Africa. GeoForum (forthcoming).

Fitzpatrick, M, D. Long and B. Pijanowski. 2007. Characterizing biogeochemical fingerprints of land use on surface water quality across a regional watershed in the Upper Midwest, USA. Applied Geochemistry (22) 1825-1840.

Alexandridis, K. Bryan C. Pijanowski, and Zhen Lei. 2007. Assessing Multi-Agent Parcelization Performance in the MABEL Simulation Model using Monte Carlo Replication Experiments. Environment and Planning B 34:223-244.

Pijanowski, B., K. Alexandridis and D. Mueller. 2006. Modeling urbanization in two diverse regions of the world. Journal of Land Use Science (1):83-108.

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