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Reuben Goforth

Contact Information

Department: Forestry and Natural Resources
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Reuben is a broadly trained aquatic ecologist with particular interest in stream and Great Lakes nearshore ecology. Within these ecosystems, he is particularly interested in conducting research to better understand the mechanisms that drive changes in biological community structure. The mechanisms that he typically studies relate to environmental changes associated with human land uses quantified over multiple spatial scales. He currently has great interest in the potential role of increased biofuel-related crop production as a factor driving stream biological community structure in affected watersheds. His lab is also beginning to focus on research to better understand the mechanisms of response by stream communities to changing environmental properties related to climate change (e.g., increased carbon dioxide concentrations, increased and more variable water temperatures, etc.).

Selected Publications

Mackey, S. D. and R. R. Goforth. 2005. Great Lakes nearshore habitat science. Journal of Great Lakes Research 31 (Suppl. 1): 1-5.

Meadows, G. A., S. D. Mackey, R. R. Goforth, D. M. Mickelson, T. B. Edil, J. Fuller, D. Guy, L. A. Meadows, E. Brown, S. M. Carman, and D. L. Liebenthal. 2005. Cumulative habitat impacts of nearshore engineering. Journal of Great Lakes Research 31 (Suppl.1): 90-112.

Goforth, R. R. and S. M. Carman. 2005. Nearshore community characteristics related to shoreline properties in the Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research 31 (Suppl. 1): 113-128.

Bain, M. B., A. Harig, D. P. Loucks, R. R. Goforth and K. E. Mills. 2000. Aquatic ecosystem protection and restoration: advances in methods for assessment and evaluation. Environmental Science and Policy 3: S89-S98.

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