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Indrajeet Chaubey

Contact Information

Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
225 South University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2093


Research Interests -Ecohydrology, solute and sediment transport at various spatial/temporal scales, development and assessment of best management practices to minimize nonpoint source pollution, spatial variability of natural processes that control hydrologic/water quality watershed response, effect of land use on sediment, nutrient and metal transport, interaction of terrestrial and aquatic processes affecting water quality and linking these processes to develop integrated watershed/water quality management technology, mathematical modeling of sediment, nutrients and metals at different spatial scales, and application of geographic information systems and remote sensing in developing decision support system for ecosystem management.

Selected Publications (last 5 years)
Garg, V and I Chaubey. 2010. A computationally efficient inverse modelling approach of inherent optical properties for a remote sensing model. Int J Remote Sens, 31:15, 4349-4371.
Gitau, MW, I Chaubey, E Gbur, JH Pennington, and B Gorham. 2010. Impact of land use change and BMP implementation in a CEAP watershed: Northwest Arkansas. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 65(6):353-368.
Sudheer, KP, P Gowda, I Chaubey, and T Howell. 2010. Artificial Neural Network Approach for Mapping Contrasting Tillage Practices. Remote (2) 579-590.
Cibin, R, KP Sudheer, and I Chaubey. 2009. Sensitivity and identifiability of stream flow generation parameters of the SWAT model. Hydrological Processes. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.7568.
Garg, V, I Chaubey, and S Singh. 2009. Evaluation of a Hyperspectral Optical-Monte Carlo Remote Sensing Model in a Water Tank Study. Trans ASABE 52(3):759-769.
Leh, MD and I Chaubey. 2009. GIS-based predictive models of hillslope runoff generation processes. J Am Water Resourc Assoc 45(4):844-856. DOI 10.1111/j.1752-1688.2009.00328.x.
Maringanti, C, I Chaubey, and J Popp. 2009. Development of a multiobjective optimization tool for the selection and placement of best management practices for nonpoint source pollution control. WRR Vol. 45, W06406, doi:10.1029/2008WR007094.
Merriman, KR, MW Gitau, and I Chaubey. 2009. A Tool for Estimating Best Management Practice Effectiveness in Arkansas. App Engr in Agr 25(2):199-213.
Thomas, MA, BA Engel, and I Chaubey. 2009. Water Quality Impacts of Corn Production to Meet Biofuel Demands. J Env Engr. Nov, 1123-1135.
Leh, M.D., I. Chaubey, J. Murdoch, J.V. Brahana, and B.E. Haggard. 2008. Delineating runoff processes and critical runoff source areas in a pasture hillslope of the Ozark Highlands. Hydrol. Process. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.7021
Migliaccio, K.W. and I. Chaubey. 2008. Spatial Distributions and Stochastic Parameter Influences on SWAT Flow and Sediment Predictions. J. of Hydro Engr. 13(4): 258-269.
Mutlu, E., I. Chaubey, H. Hexmoor, and S.G. Bajwa. 2008. Comparison of artificial neural network models for hydrologic predictions at multiple gauging stations in an agricultural watershed. Hydrol. Process. DOI: 10.1002/hyp
Pennington, JH, MA Steele, KA Teague, B Kurz, E Gbur, J Popp, G Rodriguez, I Chaubey, M Gitau, and MA Nelson. 2008. Breaking ground: A cooperative approach to collecting information on conservation practices from an initially uncooperative population. Soil & Water Cons Soc. Nov/Dec (63):206A-211A.
Quansah, J.E., B.A. Engel, and I. Chaubey. 2008. Tillage Practices Usage in Early Warning Prediction of Atrazine Pollution. Trans of the ASABE 51(4):1311-1321.
Singh, N.K., S.G. Bajwa, and I. Chaubey. 2008. Removal of Surface Reflection from Above-Water Visible-Near Infrared Spectroscopic Measurements. App Spectro (62): 1013-1021.
Chaubey, I., D. Sahoo, B.E. Haggard, M.D. Matlock, and T.A. Costello. 2007. Nutrient Retention, Nutrient Limitation, and Sediment-Nutrient Interactions in a Pasture-Dominated Stream. Trans. of the ASABE 50(1):35-44.
Chaubey, I and M Matlock. 2007. Teaching undergraduate students to manage aquatic ecosystems at the watershed level: an ecological engineering approach. Int J Eng Edu 23(4):723-727.
Migliaccio, K.W., B.E. Haggard, I. Chaubey, and M.D. Matlock. 2007. Linking Watershed Subbasin Characteristics to Water Quality Parameters in War Eagle Creek Watershed. Trans of the ASABE 50(6):2007-2016.
Migliaccio, KW, I Chaubey, and BE Haggard. 2007. Evaluation of landscape and instream modeling to predict watershed nutrient yields. Environ Model and Software 22(7):987-999.
Migliaccio, KW and I Chaubey. 2007. Multi-site and multi-variable calibration and validation of watershed models ? Comment. Hydrolog Process 21:3226-3228. DOI:10.1002.hyp.6491.
Migliaccio, KW and I Chaubey. 2007. Comment on Multivariable and multisite calibration and validation of SWAT in a large mountainous catchment with high spatial variability. Hydrol Process. 21, 3226-3228.
Sen, S, BE Haggard, I Chaubey, KR Brye, TA Costello, and MD Matlock. 2007. Sediment phosphorus release at Beaver Reservoir, northwest Arkansas, 2002-3. Water Air Soil Pollut 179:67-77.
Srivastav, R.K., K.P. Sudheer, and I. Chaubey. 2007. A simplified approach to quantifying predictive and parametric uncertainty in artificial neural network hydrologic models. WRR, Vol. 43, W10407, doi:10.1029/2006WR005352.
Sudheer, K.P., I. Chaubey, V. Garg, and K.W. Migliaccio. 2007. Impact of time-scale of the calibration objective function on the performance of watershed models. Hydrol. Process. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.6555.

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