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Greg Michalski


Greg’s research group focuses on using a multiple compound, multiple isotope approach to answering questions about complex biogeochemical systems. The lab has an emphasis on using mass-independent isotope fractionations in nitrate, sulfate and other oxy anions to examine atmosphere-surface interactions. Current projects include looking at the influence of dry and wet deposition in soil development in arid and hyper arid regions such as the Mohave Desert, the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, and the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica. Ecological studies on atmospheric nutrient fluxes are also being conducted at ecologically sensitive regions such as Lake Tahoe and other Sierra Nevada watersheds, the Great Lake region, and ground waters of Africa. Continued analysis of isotopes in a photochemically produced aerosols continues to be a major theme, as is the modeling of the isotopic evolution.

Selected Publications:

Rech, J. A., B. S. Currie, G. Michalski and A. M. Cowan, Neogene climate change and uplift in the Atacama Desert, Chile, Geology, 34(9), 761-764, 2006

Michalski, G., J. G. Bockheim, C. Kendall, and M. Thiemens (2005) Isotopic composition of Antarctic Dry Valley nitrate: Implications for NOy sources and cycling in Antarctica , Geophysical Research Letters 32

Michalski, G., J. K. Böhlke, and M. H. Thiemens (2004a) Long Term Atmospheric Deposition as the Source of Nitrate and Other Salts in the Atacama Desert, Chile : New Evidence from Mass-Independent Oxygen Isotopic Compositions, Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta, 68 , 4023-4038

Michalski, G., T. Meixner, M. Fenn, L. Hernandez, A. Sirulnik, E. Allen, and M. Thiemens (2004c) Tracing atmospheric nitrate deposition in a complex semiarid ecosystem using D 17 O, Environmental Science and Technology, 38 , 2175-2181

Michalski, G., R. Jost, D. Sugny, M. Joyeux, and M. Thiemens (2004b) Dissociation energies of six NO 2 isotopologues by laser induced fluorescence and zero point energy of some triatomic molecules, Journal of Chemical Physics, 121 , 7153-7161

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