Purdue Water Community

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Acharya, Lalatendu

culture, community participation, & human behavior

Matthews Hall 314 (765) 494-9600lacharya@purdue.edu

Blatchley, Chip

Physio/chemical processes of environmental engineering

HAMP 2129765.494.0316blatch@purdue.edu

Bowling, Laura

Watershed Hydrology, Hydroclimatology, GIS & Remote Sensing

Lilly 3-337765.494.8051bowling@purdue.edu

Bralts, Vincent

Irrigation, Design, Evaulation, Management, Water

ABE 218 (Engineering Administration) ARMS 218 (Agricultural & Biological) (317) 494-1167bralts@purdue.edu

Brouder, Sylvie

Watershed Hydrology, Hydroclimatology, GIS & Remote Sensing

3-351 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences7654961489sbrouder@purdue.edu

Brown, Paul

aquaculture and aquatic animal nutrition ,aquacultural opportunities for Indiana the world

FORS Room 304765.494.4968pb@purdue.edu

Chaubey, Indrajeet

Ecohydrology, sediment transport, decision support tools


Chen, Min

Study of water wave equations--modeling, theory and simulations

MATH 418765-494-1964 chen45@purdue.edu

Cherkauer, Keith

Hydrologic Modeling, Surface Water Hydrology, Cold Season Processes, remote sensing

ABE 312765.496.7982cherkaue@purdue.edu

Cushman, John

stochastic hydrology, swelling soils, groundwater flow, reactive transport, spatial variability

Math Sciences Building, Rm 816 and Civil Engineering Building, Rm 3223 (765) 494-8040 jcushman@purdue.edu

Doering, Otto

Water quality, policies and cost effective programs

KRAN 569 765.494.4226doering@purdue.edu

Duran, Angelica

British Literature; 16th & 17th-century literature, natural philosophy/science/educational reforms

Heavilon 327B(765) 496-3957duran0@purdue.edu

Emery, Nancy

Biological Sciences and Botany & Plant Pathology

LILY G-303765.469.6931nemery@purdue.edu

Engel, Bernard (Bernie)

Hydrologic water quality modeling, optimization, GIS, Drainage, Sub & Surface Irrigation Erosion Ctl

ABE 219765 49-41162engelb@purdue.edu

Esman, Laura

Water quality, Watershed

Agricultural and Biological Engineering765 49-66331lesman@purdue.edu

Fate, Cindy


Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall765-494-5146cynthia@purdue.edu

Filley, Tim

Biogeochemistry, carbon and nitrogen cycles, climate change

HAMP 32257654946581filley@purdue.edu

Flanagan, Dennis

Soil erosion, Erosion mechanics, Prediction technologies, Water Quality, CEAP

Agricultural & Biological Engineering 765 49-47748flanagan@purdue.edu

Foley, Carolyn

Great Lakes, ecology, benthic macroinvertebrate, fisheries

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (FNR)765-494-3601cfoley@purdue.edu

Frankenberger, Jane

Watershed management, agricultural drainage, water quality

ABE 208A765-494-1194frankenb@purdue.edu

Freeman, Jennifer

Toxicology, Genetics, Epigenetics, Zebrafish model system


Frisbee, Marty

er, Surface Water Interactions, geochemical evolution, watershed response to perturbations


Garrison, Jim

satellite navigation, GPS, remote sensing

ARMS 3311765.496.7482jgarriso@purdue.edu

Goforth, Reuben

Aquatic Ecology, Invasive Species, Aquatic Biodiversity, Fish Ecology, Bioindicators

FORS 111A765.494.0009rgofort@purdue.edu

Govindaraju, Rao

stochastic hydrology; droughts; contaminant transport; watersheds.

HAMP 1141B(765) 496-3402govind@purdue.edu

Harbor, Jon

Hydrologic & Geomorphic Impacts of Land Use; Glacial Geomorphology; Environmental Education Research

HAMP 2169A765 49-44753jharbor@purdue.edu

Hook, Tomas

Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences, Partnering for land use Sustainability, sustaining Hardwood ecosystems

FORS Room 209765.496.6799thook@purdue.edu

Hua, Inez

Environmental chemistry, industrial ecology and sustainability

HAMP 2127(765) 494-2409hua@purdue.edu

Huang, Chi-hua

Soil erosion, soil and water conservation, water quality

1196 SOIL BldgN/Achihua@purdue.edu

Jafvert, Chad

drinking water, rural development, health, water treatment

Purdue University, School of Civil Engineering (765) 494-2196 jafvert@purdue.edu

Joern, Brad

Software, nutrient management, irrigation, environmental risk assessment, water quality

3458 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences7654949767bjoern@purdue.edu

Johnston, Cliff

Soil Chemistry, Environmental Particles and contamination

Lilly 3-464A765.496.1716cliffjohnston@purdue.edu

Kim, Hye-Ji

Sustainable Horticultural Crop Production, water & nutrient management

Horticulture Room 112765.496.0122hjikim@purdue.edu

Kladivko, Eileen

Soil Physics, Land Management, Preferential flow of chemicals through soils


Laird, Carl

scientific & parallel computing, optimization of chemical process systems, networks, & public health

Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering(765) 494-0085lairdc@purdue.edu

Lee, John

Research on water resource policy, institutions and irrigation economics.

Krannert Room 605765.494.3285jlee1@purdue.edu

Lee, Linda S.

fate, transport, in-situ remediation, emerging contaminants, soil

3363 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences7654948612lslee@purdue.edu

Lyn, Dennis

open-channel flows, sediment transport, scour, turbulence

HAMP 1101C (Civil Engineering)765 49-49615lyn@purdue.edu

Ma, Zhao

Environmental & natural resource management, conservation decisions on social-ecological systems

FORS Room 111765.494.1790zhaoma@purdue.edu

McMillan, Sara

hydrology, biogeochemistry of coupled human & natural systems, ecological engineering water quality


Medic, Kristine (Krista)

bioretention, public & public leader education, stormwater capture, sustainablility, wise water use


Merwade, Venkatesh

Flood modeling and mapping, hydrologic modeling, hydrologic informaton systems

HAMP 1101G(765) 494-2176 vmerwade@purdue.edu

Michalski, Greg

stable isotope, nitrogen pollution, urban


Ni, Jiqin

treatment using anaerobic digestions to produce renewable energy and reduce water and air population

Room 115, ABE buildingN/Ajiqin@purdue.edu

Nichols, Krista

evolution, physiology, and ecology, life history traits, genetics of aquatic species

LILY G-347765.496.6848kmnichol@purdue.edu

Nies , Loring (Larry)

water resource sustainability, reuse, watershed

HAMP 3145C 765.494.8327nies@purdue.edu

Niyogi, Dev

climate analyses, dynamic models & surface, satellite remote sensing & multiscale analysis products

LILY 2-420 765.418.9575climate@purdue.edu

Okos, Martin

food process engineering, heat and mass transfer in foods, fermentation & biological reactor design

FS 1171765 49-41211okos@purdue.edu

Owens, Phillip

Soil Geomorphology, Pedology

3-333 Lilly Hall of Life Sciences7654940247prowens@purdue.edu

Panigrahi, Suranjan

sensor development and sensor-based integrated intelligent devices, sustainability

KNOY 188765-494-6908spanigr@purdue.edu

Pijanowski, Bryan

Partnering for Land Use Sustainability, landscape ecology, biogeography, GIS, Ornithology

FORS 203765.496.2215bpijanow@purdue.edu

Porterfield, D. Marshall

physiological sensing technologies, scanning probe sensor, cell signaling, biomimetic sensors

BRK 2274765-496-3346porterf@purdue.edu

Prokopy, Linda

social dimensions, indicators and networks, watershed management, conservation practice adoption

FORS 201B765.496.2221lprokopy@purdue.edu

Rao, Suresh

freshwater; quality/quantity; infrastructure; resilience; landscape change

HAMP 3145BN/Apscr@purdue.edu

Ridgway, Robin

regulation / compliance / permit / rule development / rules

Physical Facilities radiological and Env654966405rmridgway@purdue.edu

Salazar, Kara

Education outreach, sustainability, land use, policy, green infrastructure, water conservation

FORS Room 308 765.496.1070salazark@purdue.edu

Schulze, Darrel

Soil Mineralogy, Chemistry, Pedology

Lilly 3-319765.494.8062dschulze@purdue.edu

Sepúlveda, Maria

Ecotoxicology and aquatic organisms

FORS Room 103765.494.3428mssepulv@purdue.edu

Shah, Amisha

water quality & treatment, sustainable water reuse, ballast water treatment, CO2-capture technology

HAMP 3145AN/Aadshah@purdue.edu

Sutherland, John W.

environmentally responsible design and manufacturing, social sustainability

322 Potter7654969697jwsuther@purdue.edu

Theller, Lawrence

"curve number" "STEPL" "runoff" "non-point source (NPS)" "hydrologic impact"

ABE 209(765) 494-5954theller@purdue.edu

Troy, Cary

Lake Michigan; waves; Great Lakes; hydrodynamics; Environmental fluid mechanics

HAMP 1101D (Civil Engineering)(765) 494-3844troy@purdue.edu

Turco, Ron

Water, soil, microbiology, nanomaterials

Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall, room 105 and G-121 Lilly Hall 765.494.8077rturco@purdue.edu

Volenec, Jeffrey

Crop physiology & ecology; Water & NItrogen use efficiency; Abiotic stress tolerance of crop plants

Lilly 2-3277954941505jvolenec@purdue.edu

Welp, Lisa

Exchange of water and carbon dioxide between land surface and atmosphere


West, Terry

Groundwater supply, groundwater contamination, Wabash River floodplain, Greenspace

Lilly 3-424AN/Atrwest@purdue.edu

Whelton, Andrew

Water Community

HAMP 3145E(765) 494-0395awhelton@purdue.edu

Zhou, Zhi (George)

Environmental Microbiology & risk assessment, wastewater treatment, water reuse, disinfection

HAMP 2125N/Azhizhou@purdue.edu

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