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Indiana Data and Resources

This page is a portal to Indiana water related data, resources, and tools.

Resources at Purdue University: 

Water Monitoring and Data
Indiana Water Monitoring Inventory - A central hub for water monitoring locations of streams, lakes, and groundwater 
Stream and Tile Monitoring Stations at Purdue Animal Science Farm 
Monitoring in the local Wabash River Watershed 

Climate Monitoring and Data
Indiana Climate Data (Indiana State Climate Office at Purdue) 

Hydrologic and Water Quality Data AnalysisTools
Hydrologic Software Tools - Scripts and processing programs software (Purdue Hydrologic Impacts Group)

Water-Related GIS Tools and Data 
Backcast Land Change Model groundwater travel-time models to generate land use legacy maps 
Drift Watch Registry of Pesticide-Sensitive Areas
Land Transformation Model - a GIS and neural net based land change model
Local Decision Maker - land use and economic development online mapping tool
L-THIA and related hydrologic models (Agricultural & Biological Engineering)) 
Watershed Group Finder - locate watershed hydrologic unit codes, stream names, watershed groups
Watershed Maps for Indiana Public Water Supply System Watersheds 
Web-Based GIS Tools for analysis of hydrology and water quality. (Land use change impact on runoff, load duration curves, NAPRA pesticide analysis, DriftWatch) 


Non-Purdue Data and Resources for Indiana

GIS Data and Maps:
Indiana Map, from Indiana Geological Survey and the Indiana Geographic Information Council
Indiana Spatial Data Portal: Data storage and retrieval of Indiana GIS data. (Indiana University)

To obtain streaming GIS data for Indiana:

Aerial Photos: In ArcCatalog, connect to the IU Spatial Data Service at http://kb.iu.edu/data/aqfx.html. This provides aerial photos from various dates and sources. Once connected, drag the layers into ArcMap.

Other Data Layers: In ArcCatalog, follow the directions at http://www.indianamap.org/resources.html#wms to obtain more than 200 layers.

To download layers to manipulate , you can go to http://inmap.indiana.edu/download.html  for the same 200 layers as shapefile downloads (statewide coverage) 

Soils Data: For the casual user, you can download a zipped geodatabase with the attributes linked to the polygons (by county).at ftp://ftp.ecn.purdue.edu/abegis/indiana/ssurgo/download_ssurgo/ as zipped shapefiles and atftp://ftp.ecn.purdue.edu/abegis/indiana/ssurgo/geodatabases/ as geodatabases

Hydrology and Water Quality
Water Data for Indiana - historic, recent, and real-time data of surface and groundwater (USGS)
Water Monitoring - from Department of Environmental Management in areas of impaired water bodies, biological studies, total maximum daily loads, toxicology and chemistry surveys (IDEM) 
Water Well Record Database - records of 373,000 water wells drilled in Indiana (Indiana DNR) 

Water Quality Standards for Indiana (EPA)
Water Compliance - drinking water and wastewater compliance (IDEM)
Water Permits - drinking water, CSO and Storm Water (IDEM)


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The Purdue Water Community facilitates water-related research, teaching, and engagement to improve and sustain human and ecosystem health. Everyone in the Purdue community who works on water-related research or education is welcome to participate by joining the Water Community.

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