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The Purdue Water Community is made up of faculty, staff, and students with a common interest in water. The community is multidisciplinary consisting of members from sixteen departments across the Purdue campus including colleges of agriculture, engineering, liberal arts, pharmacy, nursing, and health sciences, and science. As of April 2010, the membership consists of 56 faculty, 19 staff, and a number of post-docs and graduate students. The Community facilitates collaboration across disciplines, methodologies, and scales.

Purdue Water Community Strategic Plan (As of October 2010)

The Community operates in the form of seven committee teams with specific functions and goals.

Community Teams

Team Leader/Team Members Responsibilities of this team
Executive Committee Ron Turco, Chip Blatchley, Laura Bowling, Sylvie Brouder, Indrajeet Chaubey, Otto Doering, Jane Frankenberger, Tomas Hook, Linda Lee, Rabi Mohtar, Larry Nies, Linda Prokopy, Marisol Sepulveda, Cary Troy (1) Be the place where the overall function and structure of the Water Community are discussed and move forward. (2) Set the agenda for major decisions that need to be made by the Community. (3) Identify external and internal partners, and ways to strengthen partnerships. (4) Develop criteria for allocating funding to efforts to engage funding agencies. (5) Provide Community leadership, and make decisions about Water Community funds. (6) Launch new efforts to enhance community, such as social events, road trips to visit projects, or workshops
Communication and Web site Jane Frankenberger Manage and enhance internal communications among Water Community members, and present the Water Community to Purdue and external partners. (Includes Student involvement: recruiting of students into the PWC, definition and coordination of potential student activities, ways that students can contribute to PWC, and ways that PWC can offer assistance to students.) 
Seminars Spring 2011: Tomas Hook and Cary Troy Identify speakers and topics that would be useful to the Water Community. Organize schedule and inform the Community. Run the seminar (reserve room, bring computer, introduce speakers). 
Research Infrastructure

(1) Identify resources that are currently available on campus, or needed by the community; (2) Prepare grants to attain/acquire resources; (3) Assist in identifying/attaining physical space for additional resources with potential for a centralized facility

Research Assets Inventory

Global Initiatives

Rabi Mohtar

Develop and sustain international linkages for the Purdue Water Community.
Data Sharing and Storage Laura Bowling (1) Inventory and enhance data awareness amongst the water community. Develop and implement strategies to (2) increase water data storage and accessibility resources, and (3) provide support for data curation.
Course Coordination Steve Hoffman Course coordination: produce and maintain (or set up process for maintaining) a comprehensive course list of water courses; develop collection of syllabi; help PWC faculty work on potential areas of overlap and collaboration; provide advising resources to water graduate students.

Additional documents describing the Purdue Water Community:

2010 Annual Report (PDF)
Overview of history, current structure, and research themes, April 2010 (PDF
Recorded powerpoint of Water Community structure, January 2010 (link
Notes from Fall 2009 Workshop at Martell Forest (PDF
Notes from February 2009 forming the community meeting (PDF


About the Purdue Water Community

The Purdue Water Community facilitates water-related research, teaching, and engagement to improve and sustain human and ecosystem health. Everyone in the Purdue community who works on water-related research or education is welcome to participate by joining the Water Community.

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Inland Lakes Project
This project focuses on research efforts to improve the ability of managers and stakeholders to anticipate how potential management decisions and natural dynamics influence physical, chemical and biological characteristics of lakes. 
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