Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments

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Jigsaw - Intelligence Analysis

Jigsaw is a visual analytics system that helps investigators in areas such as law enforcement and intelligence understand large collections of text documents and spreadsheets. 


VALET - Visual Analytics Law Enforcement Toolkit

VALET provides users with a suite of analytical tools coupled with an interactive visual interface for data exploration and analysis. This system includes linked views and interactive displays that spatiotemporally model criminal and traffic incidents and allows police to observe patterns and quickly identify regions with higher probabilities of activity.


GARI - Gang Graffiti Automatic Recognition and Interpretation

Interactive analysis, interpretation, and geotagging of gang graffiti.


MERGE - Mobile Emergency Response Guidebook

Automatic interpretation, response, and evacuation protocols of hazmat placards in the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook


CrimeViz - Spatiotemporal Social Media Aalytics for Abnormal Event Detection

An extensible web-based map application that supports geovisual exploration of, and sense making about, criminal activity in space and time.     


CGSaRVA - Coast Guard Search and Rescue Visual Analytics

This system provides Coast Guard managers and analysts with a suite of tools for analyzing the distribution of previous search and rescue cases and a methodology for understanding the risk, efficiencies, and benefits involved with reallocation or reduction of resources.


SensePlace 2 - Harnessing Twitter to Support Situational Awareness and Crisis Management Through Geovisual Analytics

SensePlace2 is a geovisual analytics application that forages place-time-attribute information from the Twitterverse and supports crisis management through visually-enabled sensemaking with the information derived.


Market Analyzer - Business Intelligence

An Interactive Visual Analytics System for Analyzing Competitive Advantage Using Point of Sale Data.


COE Explorer - DHS Center of Excellence Exploration Tool

The COE Explorer is an information platform for viewing, exploring, and analyzing information about the DHS University Programs research network. 


TRIP -Travel Response Investigate Profiler


iOPAR - Operational Perfomrance Assesment Reports


iValet - Mobile Visual Anaylytics Law Enforcement Toolkit


MADIS - Multimedia-Aided Disaster information Integration System


Mobile 3D Routing and Emergency Evacuation in Dense Urban Enviorments


Supporting Map Symbol Interoperabilty






VACCINE is dedicated to creating methods and tools to analyze and manage vast amounts of information for all mission areas of homeland security.

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