Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments

Investigative Analysis and Decision Making Environments

Mission Driven Research Projects(MDRPs):

Integrate Automated Analytical Reasoning into Jigsaw

Enhance Jigsaw to provide the analyst with automated reasoning, built-in analytical capabilities and the ability to suggest hypotheses in addition to the visual analytical abilities of Jigsaw.
Georgia Tech: Stasko
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Introducing Sustainable Visual Analytics into Command Center Environments

This project focuses on developing a framework for introducing sustainable visual analytics systems into command center environments. Initial testing will be done at the Puget Sound Joint Harbor Operations Center.
University of Washington: Haselkorn, Dailey / Purdue: Ebert, Collins
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Coast Guard Search and Rescue Visual Analytics

This risk analysis system enables the interactive visualization, analysis and assessment of United States Coast Guard Search and Rescue missions.
Purdue: Ebert
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Visual Analytics Law Enforcement Toolkit (VALET)

This project allows enhanced exploration and analysis of multivariate spatiotemporal law enforcement data to enable advanced data exploration and analysis of high volume criminal, traffic and civil incidence report data.
Purdue: Ebert, Collins
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VACCINE is dedicated to creating methods and tools to analyze and manage vast amounts of information for all mission areas of homeland security.

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