Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

Research Funding

RCHE provides research funding to a select number of research projects each year. Funded projects must fall within the center's research focus areas, and reflect the center mission to transform healthcare delivery. Funding proposals are reviewed periodically. Selection depends on a variety of factors including available funds, demonstration of future funding potential, and proximity to center research focus. 

Purdue faculty are invited to submit proposals using the templates below. For questions or to discuss a project, please call the center at (765) 494-1531 to request a meeting.


Funding criteria

To be eligible for RCHE funding, proposals must meet these minimum criteria:

  1. The work must fit within RCHE's mission of improving healthcare delivery
  2. The proposed project must fit in one of RCHE's research areas
  3. The proposal must articulate the potential for healthcare system improvement created by this project


Proposal submission and templates

All proposals must use RCHE's RFP Proposal Template. Please use the appropriate proposal template:


Requirements and expectations

PIs receiving funding from RCHE must:

  • Meet with the center Strategic Collaborations Director to launch the project;
  • Submit brief (2-4 paragraph) project updates semi-annually;
  • Recognize RCHE and the Regenstrief Foundation on any grant applications, publications, proposals, or presentations stemming from the funded work (e.g. "This research was supported by the Regenstrief Foundation through the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue).

Upon project completion, researchers receiving RCHE funding are expected to apply for external funding to continue the project, assuming results support continuation of the research.

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