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Student Ambassadors serve the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) as liaisons through programs, courses, conferences and other functions at Purdue. These students serve to improve the quality of events by assisting in their preparation and execution.

Students are given the opportunity to hear speakers and participate in projects and events. They are able to develop an understanding of RCHE, the research being done and the significance of improving healthcare delivery. They are exposed to research and people from all disciplines across campus and nationally.

Student Ambassadors are dedicated to the positive promotion of RCHE, Discovery Park and Purdue University. They are given opportunities to provide information from national leaders and to promote student involvement in RCHE activities.


Specific Tasks:

Student Ambassadors:

  • Escort visitors
  • Give tours
  • Assist with conference registration
  • Staff event booth
  • Provide introductions
  • Judge contests
  • Participate in center events


Benefits to Student Ambassador:

Student Ambassadors are given the opportunity to learn about the impact research is having on healthcare delivery. Through various opportunities, ambassadors are exposed to research and new technologies developed to advance healthcare. Ambassadors are given the opportunity to host events, and improve their leadership, communication, interpersonal and public relation skills.

Grounded in research, RCHE actively engages students in research projects through Discovery Park, RCHE and academic department internships. The opportunity to get involved with RCHE and the researchers connected to RCHE provides a path to research affiliation and project involvement.


Benefits to the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering:

Student Ambassadors promote and assist with RCHE events. These students are visible support for RCHE, Discovery Park and Purdue. Prior to an event the ambassadors are actively engaged in preparing materials, organizing personnel.


Expectations of Student Ambassador:

Student Ambassadors are expected to attend a research lunch; these occur two Wednesdays per month. Students are expected to "host" a lunch by assisting in the arranging of the meal and introducing the speaker. The lunches begin with networking at 11:30am and end with the conclusion of the speaker at 1:00pm.

Attendance at events throughout the year is optional however, as an ambassador you are expected to assist with and attend a minimum of two events. An ambassador is given the opportunity to meet key people in the healthcare field and learn from many well respected researchers through conferences, speaker presentations, and lunches. Students may take advantage of as many opportunities as they wish. A student may also discover additional opportunities such as internships.



RCHE student ambassadors must be undergraduate students. Students in any major may apply. Student ambassadors must display excellent communication skills and hold strong grade point averages, ensuring that the additional responsibility of serving as an ambassador does not impinge on students' academics.


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As a student ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the direction of the future of healthcare engineering and network with persons dedicated to the improvement of healthcare delivery. It has been an honor to hold this position and as I look to my own career, one major objective will be improving the access to and the quality of healthcare.

Christina Jackson
Health Sciences