Peer Reviewed Publications (last 3 years)

2009 Papers
Chatni, M.R., Li, G., Porterfield, D.M. 2009. Frequency domain fluorescence lifetime optrode system design and instrumentation without a concurrent reference led. Applied Optics. 48: 5528-5536 (Featured in the Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics)

Chatni, R., Porterfield, D.M. 2009. Development and Application of Self-Referencing Optrodic Sensing Technology for Measuring Biophysical Flux. The Analyst. 134: 2224-2232

ul Haque, A., Diaz, R.E., Porterfield, D.M. 2009. Electrical characterization of a single cell ellectoporation biochip with the 2-D scanning vibrating probe. Biomedical Microdevices. 11: 1239-1250 (Distinguished by MedWorm as Biomedical Engineering Top 20)

Chatni, R., Maier, D.E., *Porterfield, D.M. 2009. Optimization of Oxygen Sensitive Optical Dye Membrane Polymers for Fluorescent Lifetime based Physiological Biosensing. Sensors and Actuators B. 141: 471-477

Liu, G., Li, Y., Porterfield, D.M. 2009. Genotypic Differences in Potassium Nutrition in Lowland Rice Hybrids. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 40: 1803–1821.

McLamore, E.R., *Porterfield, D.M., Banks, M.K. 2009. Non-invasive self-referencing electrochemical sensors for quantifying real time biophysical flux in biofilms. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 102:791-799. (Issue Spotlight Manuscript)

Zuberi, M., Liu, P., ul Haque, A. Porterfield, D.M., Borgens, R.B., 2009. Large Naturally–Produced Electric Currents and Voltages Traverse Damaged Mammalian Spinal Cord. Journal of Biological Engineering. 2: 17

Claussen, J., Franklin, A., ul Haque, A., Porterfield, D.M., Fisher, T. 2009. Electrochemical Biosensor of Nanocube-Augmented Carbon Nanotube Networks. ACS Nano. 3: 37–44 (Issue Cover Article).

McLamore, E.R., Banks, M.K., Porterfield, D.M. 2009. Microsensor Technology for Measuring H+ Flux in Buffered Media. Sensors and Actuators B. 136: 383-387

2008 Papers
Koehler, J.J., Zhao, J., Jedlicka, S.S., Porterfield, D.M., Rickus, J.L. 2008. A Compartmentalized Nanocomposite for Dynamic Nitric Oxide Release. Journal of Physical Chemistry. 112: 15086-15093.

McLamore, E.R., Porterfield, D.M., Banks, M.K. 2008. Non-invasive self-referencing electrochemical sensors for quantifying real time biophysical flux in biofilms. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 102:791-799. (Issue Spotlight Manuscript)

Sanchez, B.C., Ochoa-Acuña, H, Porterfield, D.M. Sepúlveda, M.S. 2008. Oxygen Flux as an Indicator of Physiological Stress in Fathead Minnow Embryos: A Real-Time Biomonitor Of Water Quality. Environmental Science and Technology. 42: 7010-7017.

Porterfield, D.M., French, S.S., DeCarlo, A.R. 2008. The Development of a Biomimetic Root Oxygen Bioavailability Sensor. Journal of Biological Engineering. 1(2): 219-227.

2007 Papers
ul Haque, A., Chatni, M.R., Li, G., Porterfield, D.M. 2007. Biochips and Other Microtechnologies for Physiomics. Expert Rev. Proteomics. 4: 553-563 (Invited Review)

ul Haque, A., Porterfield D.M. 2007. In-silico Cell Electrophysiology: A Step Closer to High Throughput Drug Screening. Screening-Trends in Drug Development 8(2): 24-25. (Invited Review)

Salmi, M.L., Morris, K.E., Roux, S.J., Porterfield, D.M. 2007. Nitric Oxide and cGMP Signaling in Calcium Dependent Cell Polarity Development of Ceratopteris richardii. Plant Physiology. 144: 94-104

Rokkam, M., Chatni, M.R., De Carlo, A.R., ul Haque, A., Irazoqui, P.P., Porterfield, D.M. 2007. A High-Density Data Acquisition System and Signal Pre-Processor for Interfacing with MEMS-Based Physiological Sensor Arrays. Review of Scientific Instruments. 78: 44303-44312

ul Haque, A., Rokkam, M., De Carlo, A.R., Wereley, S.T., Wells, H.W., McLamb, W.T., Roux, S.J., Irazoqui, P.P., Porterfield, D.M. 2007. A MEMS Fabricated Cell Electrophysiology Laboratory Biochip for In-silico Calcium Measurements. Sensors and Actuators B. 123: 391-399.

Porterfield, D.M. 2007. Measuring metabolism and biophysical flux in the tissue, cellular and sub-cellular domains: Recent developments in self-referencing amperometry for physiological sensing. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 22: 1186-1196.



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