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2011 Annual Review Posters

"Parallel Performance of Fluid-Structure -Electrostatics Coupling in MEMOSA"

B.G. Yildirim, L. Sun, and S. Mathur


"Data-driven uncertainty quantification in MEMS"

A. alwan and N.R. Aluru


"Verification of Visco-Plastic and Creep Models in MEMOSA"

S. Das, S. Mathur, and J. Murthy


"Creep Modeling Using Plate Theory"

S. Das, S. Mathur, and J. Murthy


"Verification of Plate Model in MEMOSA"

S. Das, S. Mathur, and J. Murthy


"A Coupled-Ordinates Method for the Boltzmann Transport Equation"

J. Loy, S. Mathur, and J. Murthy


"RF-MEMS performance and reliability"

S. Palit, A. Jain, M. Alam


"Non-obtrusive lifetime characterization technique for RF-MEMS"

S. Palit, A. Jain, and M. Alam


"Strategies for dynamic Soft-Landing in Capacitive MicroElectroMechanical Switches"

A. Jain, S. Palit, and M. Alam


"Nonlinear pull-in with surface traction in MPM"

P. Wallstedt and D. Sulsky


"Parallel Performance of Immersed Boundary Method (IBM)"

B.G. Yildirim, L. Sun, and S. Mathur


"Modeling of PRISM Switch Including Creep"

P. Kolis, M. Koslowski, and A. Bajaj


"Bayesian Calibration of Multi-Physics Models"

Y. Ling and S. Mahadevan


"Quantification of uncertainty of the yield stress of nanocrystalline Nickel"

L. Cao and M. Koslowski


"Low-Frequency Shot-Noise Thermometry"

J. Engerer, R. Sayer, and T. Fisher


"Rarefied Flow Solver in MEMOSA-FVM: Verification, Validation, and Application to Microscale Damping"

S. Chigullapalli, A. Weaver, S. Mathur, G. Yildirim, and A. Alexeenko

"Fluid Structure Interaction Validation Experiments"

R. Tung and A. Raman


"FFOpt: An Automated Molecular Dynamics Force Field Parameter Optimization"

J. Fogarty, A. Van Duin, A. Grama, and S. Pandit


"An Immersed Boundary Method Formulation for the Boltzmann ES-BGK Equations"

S. Chigullapalli and A. Alexeenko


"Transient Measurements and Parameter Estimation"

R. Tung and A. Raman


"Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for Microscale Gas Flows and Uncertainty Quantification"

M. Kulakhmetov, A. Venkattraman, and A. Alexeenko


"UQ of Pull-In & Pull-Out Voltage in RF-MEMS Switches"

G. Venturini and A. Strachan


"Material-Point Method Parallel Performance"

M. Wester and D. Sulsky


"Atomic Force Microscopy Characterizations of PRISM RF-MEMS Switches"

X. Xu, A. Strachan, and A. Raman


"Plastic strain recovery in nanocrystalline thin films"

Y. Xie and M. Koslowski


"Bayesian Calibration of Dielectric Charging Model Parameters"

J. Mullins, Y. Ling, and S. Mahadevan


"Dielectric charging: First-principles study of defects in a-Si3N4 and a-SiO2"

R. Vedula, N. Anderson, and A. Strachan


"Multiscale Contact Models"

H. Kim and A. Strachan

"Polycrystalline Thin Films With Log-normal Grain-Size Distribution and Estimation of In-Plane Young’s Modulus"

P. Madrid and D. Sulsy


"Integration of Calibration and Validation Results towards Prediction UQ"

Y. Ling, S. Sankararaman, and S. Mahadevan


"Numerical Framework for Epistemic Uncertainty Analysis"

J. Jakeman, X. Chen, and D. Xiu


"MEMOSA Full Simulation --- Pull-Out with Dielectric Charging"

L. Sun, S. Palit, M. Alam, S. Mathur, S. Mahadevan, A. Strachan, and A. Alexeenko


"Calibration of Creep Model"

B. Pax, S. Das, L. Sun, S. Mathur, and J. Murthy

"Prediction of Creep in PRISM Device"

B. Pax, S. Das, L. Sun, S. Mathur, and J. Murthy

"Experiments for Quantifying Actuation/Release Voltages"

A. Kovacs and D. Peroulis


"Calibration, Validation and Prediction Roadmap"

The PRISM Team


"Inclined Beam Anchor Modelling of the PRISM Switch and Material Creep in Nickel"

J. Zeng, A. Garg, A. Kovacs, and D. Peroulis


PRISM leverages advances in nanoscale science and engineering to create innovative nanotechnologies addressing societal challenges and opportunities in computing, communications, the environment, security, energy independence, and health.

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