PRISM at Discovery Park

"MEMS Reliability"

April 8 @ 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Birck 1001

MEMS Reliability, especially the study of reliability physics, is a vast area that is still in its infancy in academic coursework.  University research, government laboratory research, and consortia studies have been and continue to contribute invaluable advances in MEMS reliability physics.  However, working in industry and mass producing hundreds of millions of reliable MEMS devices, some of which are intended for safety critical applications, provides a very different perspective.  The fundamental approach to MEMS device reliability employs some of the same basic concepts and methodologies estabilshedin high volume automoativeand IC manufacturing.  A major challenge in MEMS is the shear diversity of potential applications, novel materials and processes, unique sensing and acutationprinciples, and manufaturingtechniques.  MEMS Reliability in industry will be presented through lifetime prediction methodologies, acceleration factor development, the importance of failure analysis and physics of failure using case studies of successful MEMS products that have been produced in high volume with excellent field reliability.

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