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Purdue University provides a campus-wide, interdisciplinary, graduate-level area of specialization in homeland security. Students are exposed to theoretical and fundamental issues related to preventing, mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from catastrophic events.  This interdisciplinary focus serves to broaden the fundamental understanding of homeland security issues and offers the potential to significantly impact and contribute to a wide variety of emerging technologies and science.


Students who complete a required set of two core courses plus additional elective hours in their major area will earn a designation on their transcripts. Enrollment in and approval of this specialization is done through individual departments and colleges. Graduate students interested in this specialization should contact their departments directly.

Foundations in Homeland Security

Fall Semester (3 Credits)

Focus Areas:


  • Homeland Security & Federal Emergency Management Agency operations
  • National Planning Scenarios & Emergency Support Functions
  • National Response Framework
  • Incident Command System & National Incident Management System
  • Global war on terrorism


Managing Resources and Applications for Homeland Security

Spring Semester (3 Credits)

Focus Areas:


  • Homeland security issues
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Crisis management and communication
  • Decision making and team building

Elective Courses


Homeland security specialization elective courses exist in several areas of research including engineering, agriculture, nursing, science, technology, and liberal arts. Please see the list of Purdue University courses related to homeland security for an idea of specific courses that could be used to fulfill the area of specialization elective requirements.

Homeland Security Courses

Want to study homeland security and emergency management? Enrollment is now open for Fall 2013:


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