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Cancer Prevention and Control Overview


A recent report from the American Cancer Society estimates that 50% of cancer deaths could be prevented by modifiable lifestyle factors and appropriate use of available screening for early detection of cancers. The Cancer Prevention and Control Program of the OSC provides a unique environment to develop strategies for prevention of cancers by:

  • Early detection technologies (biomarkers and imaging);
  • Identification of risk factors;
  • Behavior modification to reduce risk to both prevent and control cancers;
  • Social and ethical communication in the context of cancer and risk identification;
  • Application of knowledge in healthcare settings.

The OSC is in a unique position to address these issues with the expertise available for collaborative research efforts across Purdue University and the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center. These basic research efforts are supported by strong research and application in the fields of communication in healthcare settings, identification of risk, behavior modification and application of methodology in healthcare settings.

The goal of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program is to provide an environment that facilitates increased collaboration of these scholarly efforts to promote further interdisciplinary interactions and research. The program has bi-annual faculty retreats, seminar series, and monthly interactive meetings to discuss research in cancer prevention and to encourage collaborative efforts. Participation includes representation from seven of the ten colleges at Purdue, five of the 10 Discovery Park Centers, Student Health Services and the leaders of the Purdue Cancer Center.  One retreat per year is a joint faculty retreat with Indiana University Simon Cancer Center drawing on the expertise at the IU School of Medicine. The Oncological Science Center Cancer Prevention and Control Program has also supported seed projects directly resulting from collaborations born at faculty retreats to stimulate interdisciplinary research leading to extramural funding, including partnerships with the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center.

Through the Cancer Prevention and Control Program, the OSC was awarded a Cancer Education grant (NCI R25) to develop a Cancer Prevention Internship Program creating an interdisciplinary curriculum for undergraduates and graduates that will create a new pool of scientists who will effectively address research problems in cancer prevention.  The centerpiece of the curriculum is a seminar course which includes faculty instructors from seven departments across campus to discuss interdisciplinary approaches to cancer prevention.  The course and program also includes components to enhance professional development.  The program provides support for 20 pre-doctoral fellows (or 4/year) and 50 (10/year) senior level undergraduates, including a full time summer research experience. For more information >>> 

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The mission of the Oncological Sciences Center is to seek new opportunites, forge new partnerships, and nurture new relationships to advance cancer research beyond the laboratory.

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