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Cancer Care Engineering

CCECancer Care Engineering applies systems engineering principles and unique data visualization and statistical model building to the broad spectrum of cancer prevention, treatment, and care delivery.

Cancer Culture and Community

Design ElementThe Cancer Culture and Community program features an annual Colloquium focused on the human response to cancer as expressed through literature.
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Cancer Prevention

AppleA recent report from the American Cancer Society estimates that 50% of cancer deaths could be prevented by modifiable lifestyle factors and appropriate use of available screening for early detection of cancers.
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Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Education Program (CPIP)

The Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Education Program is a National Cancer Institute funded program to faculty partnering with the Oncological Sciences Center and the Discovery Learning Center. The program provides support and curricular activities for undergraduate and graduate students with the goal of attracting and training researchers in the area of cancer prevention.
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Cancer Resource Guide

CRG LogoThrough the voice of cancer patients in the Greater Lafayette area, we found that there is a need to identify local resources for newly diagnosed cancer patients in order to have this information easily accessible and all in one place. The Cancer Culture and Community program, part of the Oncological Sciences Center at Purdue University, brought together a number of local individuals to form a coalition of health care providers and advocacy groups to address this unmet need.Learn More

Walther Oncology, Physical Sciences & Engineering Embedding Program

The Oncological Sciences Center at Purdue and the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center have created the Walther Oncology Physical Sciences and Engineering Research Embedding Program through a collaborative grant from the Walther Cancer Foundation.
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International Breast Cancer and Nutrition

The international breast cancer and nutrition (IBCN) project is focused on breast cancer prevention research to inform health communication, interventions, and public policy. This project benefits from a global perspective through the establishment of culturally aware multidisciplinary and international collaborations.
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Cancer Care Engineering IU Health Arnett

Although Purdue University is not affiliated with a medical school, it is in close proximity to two community hospitals with which it has established a research relationship. These hospitals serve as the basis of a regional medical hub that services the great Lafayette area where Purdue is located.
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Cancer Research Advocate Program

Purdue University's Oncological Sciences Center is launching a cancer advocacy network to advance research for cancer prevention and treatment and to support the sample collection effort at IU Health Arnett for the Cancer Care Engineering colorectal cancer discovery clinical trial.
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The mission of the Oncological Sciences Center is to seek new opportunites, forge new partnerships, and nurture new relationships to advance cancer research beyond the laboratory.


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