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Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership fosters and enhances communication and collaboration among research investigators, academic scholars, and external collaborators in programs of the OSC. A database of names, areas of expertise, topics of interest, and contact information enables communications among OSC affiliates and stimulates interdisciplinary research team development. There are currently 151 faculty members of the OSC that represent 29 different academic departments at Purdue University . The benefits of affiliate faculty membership are described below.

Benefits OSC Affiliate Faculty

  • Opportunities for leadership for large grants and programs, providing ideas for the scientific, technical, educational and outreach directions for the OSC
  • Opportunities to participate in dynamic, rapid response interdisciplinary teams developing multi-faceted proposals focused on various aspects of cancer
  • Opportunities to form new, highly active, creative, research-driven as well as non-research focused programs addressing any aspect of the cancer problem
  • Eligibility to respond to OSC-sponsored Call for Proposals for Seed Grant Programs
  • Opportunities for sponsorship for invited speakers and visitors related to cancer
  • Access to specialized equipment (acquired through OSC research grants or internally funded)
  • Information resource for cancer related research and teaching needs
  • Information resource for major funding opportunities
  • Professional assistance in proposal development and grant preparation
  • Advanced notice of cancer related seminars, symposia, workshops, and other events

How to Become a Member

Those interested in OSC affiliate membership should their CV and a cancer relevant statement to Kris Swank at kswank@purdue.edu. Affiliate membership is approved by the Executive Committee of the OSC and is reviewed monthly. The associated responsibilities for affiliate faculty members are given below.

Responsibilities OSC Affiliate Faculty

  • Participate in large-scale, interdisciplinary, multi-investigator, multi-institutional proposals
  • Participate in OSC sponsored symposia, meetings, and other functions
  • Advocacy for the overall mission of Discovery Park
  • Participate in OSC programs of interest

About Oncological Sciences

The mission of the Oncological Sciences Center is to seek new opportunites, forge new partnerships, and nurture new relationships to advance cancer research beyond the laboratory.

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