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Lafayette: Our Cancer Year

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Lafayette: Our Cancer Year is a compendium of true stories by members of the Great Lafayette community who contributed as cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, friends and relatives. Local artists and writers transform their tales into short graphic novels, showing a great range of experiences, styles and emotion.

The motivation behind this book was the autobiographic work Our Cancer Year by Harvey Pekar († 2010), which was featured in the 2010 Cancer, Culture and Community colloquium at Purdue University. Pekar pioneered an unembellished story-telling mode for graphic novels and illness. Lafayette: Our Cancer Year continues his legacy by letting everyday people, our friends and neighbors, tell stories others can relate to directly. Joyce Brabner, Pekar’s wife and co-author, contributed the introduction, which astounds in its plain honesty of this ordinary-extraordinary pair loving and bamboozling each other into getting through cancer.

Paperbacks can also be attained from the Purdue Center for Cancer Research for a requested donation of $15, which will help fund the research happening here. Please stop by the Center to get your copy, 201 South University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47909.
Distribution Contact: Tim Bobillo, Director of Development, bobillo@purdue.edu

2011. Published by Cancer, Culture and Community at Purdue University. Introduction by Joyce Brabner. 36 black and white graphic novels, 36 original prose stories. Edited by Rosanne Altstatt. Color cover, 141 black and white pages. 


Original Story Authors Art and Scripts:
Holly Alexander
Michael Altman
Cathy Childers
Deb Dronkhite
Paula Davis
Kathy Dillard
Catalina Florescu
Sandra Gaylor
Jo Glefand
Karen Guckien
Becky Haddad
Adrienne Harlow
Manju Howard
Daniel Johnson
Michelle Kindgollar
Andy “Shaggy” Korty
Claudia Kruggel
Anna Rae Landsman
Rebecca Logsdon
Andre Lucas
Pam Luenz
Kim McBee
Sung Jun Ma
Lucky and Jan Neiburger
Carolyn Noe
Laurie Parker
Jennifer Pickett
Marti Schmidt
Laura Scott
Pam Stoops
Kristine Swank
Jeff Vallier
Connie Vianco
Sheryl Willison
Andria Workman
Marie Yencho
Andria Workman
Michael Altman
Rosanne Altstatt
Brandon Barker
Patrick Bobillo
Manny Cervantes
Liz Erlewine
Joe Fowler
Esteban Garcia
Troy Hickman
LeAnn Hurst
Andy "Shaggy" Korty
Anna Rae Landsman
Aaron Nemec
Stephen Roberts
Gabriela Sincich
Stan Timmons
Rachel Tobias
Monica Willemsen
Andria Workman

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