Instructions for Printers in Birck

Instructions for Toshiba Copier/Printers:

Setting Department Code for Toshiba Copier/Printers (Windows PC's)

Adding the Birck Canon/Toshiba Printers to an ECN Supported Windows PC

Setting up Birck Toshiba Printers/Copiers for Windows PCs (ECN Supported and Unsupported)

Printing to BRK(Birck) Toshiba Printers (Mac OS X)

Mac Printing: Adding a Toshiba printer to OS X

Macintosh IP Printing Setup for 10.4.x Tiger

TCP/IP Printing in Windows

Printing in BNC

Printing requires using one of the copiers: ECN reports that a document is now in place that describes how to connect to the Toshiba printers (BRK1022, Toshiba eStudio 5520C,; BRK2020, Toshiba eStudio 555,; and BRK1220, Toshiba eStudio 5520c,

Please note, printers at BRK have page accounting turned on, so you must know your access code in order to print via the printers listed above.


In line with most departmental policies, students are financially responsible for printing paper copies of their theses as needed, except in the event that a sponsor directly requests a copy. Note that some schools and departments may request a copy of the thesis for their records. The candidate is encouraged to contact their school or department to determine whether school or departmental resources may be used for printing that copy.

Request a Code

Do you need a code for the printer or copier in Birck? Please check with your faculty advisor to request a code.

Poster Printing

Poster printing directions and instructions can be found here.