Birck Nanotechnology Center

How to order pre-approved chemicals in the BNC

Students are encouraged to place their own orders in SAP themselves.  To help expedite the ordering process, we have generated a list of “inert” chemicals that are pre-approved for use in the BNC.  Chemicals can be added to this list by filling out a form for pre-approval, once the chemical has been used in the facility. These forms are available from Stephen Jurss and Lisa Reece.

Chemicals on the pre-approval list can be ordered without going through an approval loop with Stephen Jurss or Lisa Reece. Simply attach the list to the SRM order with the particular chemical being ordered highlighted, and no separate approval is necessary.

If you have questions in regard to the pre-approved chemical list, please contact Stephen Jurss or Lisa Reece.

The pre-approved list can be found here.