Birck Nanotechnology Center – Student Concerns

We are here to act as an ANONYMOUS intermediary to address concerns and BNC policy on behalf of you, the student.

To submit a brief and anonymous concern or suggestion, please fill out this comment box and submit.

For a more detailed issue, please read the following and submit your information:

What is the BNC Student Concerns Program?
‘Student Concerns’ consists of a three person, neutral group of graduate student leaders that will listen, provide information, seek explanations, and make referrals all anonymously. We act as an interface between Birck’s students and the faculty/staff.  The Nanotechnology Student Advisory Committee (NSAC) supplies the three group members and has the full support of the BNC Director.

What concerns can I share?
Concerns range from equipment problems, Birck policy, issues with faculty and staff within the facility, to general suggestions for improvement.  There are two ways to voice your interests:  A suggestion box on NSAC’s website allows a brief and completely anonymous concern to be heard.  A more detailed concern can be addressed through a meeting with the group who then address the concern with the facility managers, director, staff, and/or faculty.

What is a meeting like?
Once a concern is received through the web form, the Student Concerns group will meet to discuss the issue before inviting you to meet with them.  Meetings are confidential, neutral, informal, and are usually 30 minutes. The group will discuss the issue further and bring it to the Director or second party depending on severity.  You may elect to receive feedback and are certainly invited to follow up on your concern.

How do I schedule a meeting with Student Concerns?
To schedule an appointment, please fill out this form.