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Parking, Rental car agencies, bus schedules, Purdue transportation services

  • Parking: Parking Passes
    • Purdue Policy states that we may issue VISITOR parking permits to our guests entitling them to park in any “A,” “B,” or “C” area. These permits are for use by any visitor but NOT for the use by any Purdue STAFF member or STUDENT under any circumstances. If we have new employees that are waiting to be put into the University System, s/he may take a copy of their signed offer letter to the Visitor Information Center and may purchase their parking pass immediately. Once a person has accepted the offer to be an employee of the University we are in violation of this policy if we give them a daily parking permit.
    • Vendors with logos on their vehicles may park in any available “A,” “B,” or “C” spot without any permit. If they do not have logos on their vehicles, they should be directed to parking facilities to purchase a parking pass. Please visit the Parking Facilities website for additional information:
    • With advanced notice on a special guest visit, we may be able to secure a metered parking place, which is located on the oval drive to the east of the Morgan building, free of charge. Please contact your designated secretary to request free parking. Note this is not a guaranteed space since it is made available to all centers within Discovery Park.
  • Rental Car Agencies (Available at Purdue Airport)
  • Other Off-Campus Rental Car Agencies
  • CityBus
  • Amtrak
  • Taxi's:
    • City Cab (Phone: 765-477-1234)
    • Four Star (Phone: 765-448-6150)
  • Purdue University Transportation Resources

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