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Vikas Tomar


Assistant Professor


Contact Information:

Phone: (765) 494.3423



Mechanical Engineering/Georgia Tech/2006


Research Interests:

  • Nanocomposite materials, Coupled thermal and mechanical behavior of materials, materials in extreme environments, Nanobiomechanics, nanobiomaterials, materials in energy, large scale molecular simulations, multiscale simulations and characterization


Impact Statement & Explanation of Research:

Dr. Tomar is currently working at the cross-roads of biology and materials science with a philosophy of combining multiscale simulations and experiments to analyze thermo-mechanical behavior of complex materials. Particular applications of his research area lie in developing new materials for energy efficient systems and in developing new nanostructures for medicine. Current research projects in his group focus on analyzing morphology dependent and interface determined failure properties of ceramic matrix composites, on analyzing the thermomechanical properties of materials for use in energy devices and at high temperatures, and on analyzing interface mechanics of biomaterials and bio-inspired materials such as tropocollagen-hydroxyapatite nanocomposites with an account of molecule level interactions. Fundamental bonding issue covering all these projects is to develop an understanding of how surfaces and interfaces contribute to material property improvements. Dr. Tomar is making significant contributions in such respect.



Interfacial Multiphysics Lab
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