Birck Nanotechnology Center

Eric A. Stach


Associate Professor of Materials Engineering


Contact Information:

Phone: (765) 494-1466



B.S.E. Duke University 1992
M.S.M.S.E. University of Washington 1994
Ph.D. University of Virginia 1998


Research Interests:

Our research effort focuses on understanding the creation of nanostructured materials in the framework of the basic paradigm of materials science and engineering: understanding how processing creates structure which leads to properties. These studies exploit the unique abilities of electron and ion microscopies to understand in real time and at high spatial resolutions nucleation and growth processes in nanoscale systems.


Impact Statement & Explanation of Research:

Nanostructure materials offer the hope of dramatic improvements in the performance of many systems. In particular, the ability to control materials structure at the nanoscale can lead to both improved and novel electronic and optical properties. However, it is often difficult to control the structure of these materials at the atomic to nanometer scale.

We work to understand how the basic crystal growth processes in nanostructure materials occur, using methods that allow us to directly image such processes as nucleation and growth at atomic levels of resolution. The primary tool for these studies is a highly specialized transmission electron microscope which allows us to inject source gases into the imaging region, mimicking the methods used in conventional growth processes.

These observations lead to quantitative measurements of reaction rates, and via appropriate correlation with theory, determination of fundamental mechanisms by which crystal growth processes occur.


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Materials Engineering:

Current Projects:

1. PRISM: Center for Prediction of Reliability, Integrity and Survivability of Microsystems, DOE NNSA
2. Nanoscale Optical Antenna Array for Controlled, Massively Parallel Manufacturing of Nanowire Devices, DARPA
3. Low-Cost Substrates for High-Performance Nanorod Array LEDS; DOE EERE
4. Quantifying Growth Mechanisms in Semiconductor Nanowires Using Real Time Transmission Electron Microscopy, NSF DMR EPM
5. GOALI: Nanoparticle-Enable Printing of Large-Area ElectroniHierarchical Systems, NSF Eng Nanomanufacturing

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