Birck Nanotechnology Center

Leonid Rokhinson


Associate Professor of Physics


Contact Information:

Phone: (765) 494-3014



PhD 1996 SUNY Stony Brook


Research Interests:

Nanophysics, nanotechnology, fabrication techniques, mesoscopic and low dimensional physics, physics at low temperatures and high magnetic fields, spintronics, ferromagnetism and multiferroics, graphene materials, quantum computing and information


Impact Statement & Explanation of Research:

Rokhinson's major interests are in physics of mesoscopic devices, especially spin-related phenomena. Physics and devices of novel materials, such as dilute magnetic semiconductors and graphene are of great interest, as well as the development of novel fabrication techniques with atomic resolution.


List of Current Projects:

  • Development of spin-based qubit based on silicon
  • Spin-related phenomena in p-type semiconductors
  • Dilute magnetic semiconductors
  • AFM fabrication of graphene



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