Birck Nanotechnology Center

Ron Reifenberger


Professor of Physics


Contact Information:

Phone: +1 765 49-44302



John Carroll University; Cleveland Ohio B.S. (Physics; Magna cum Laude) 1970
University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois M.Sc. (Physics) 1972
University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois Ph.D. (Physics) 1976


Research Interests:

Research insterests include Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM); nanometer-size clusters and cluster-assembled materials; electronic transport properties in nanowires; field emission; molecular electronics; nanoelectronics; and novel chem-bio sensing paradigms


Research Impact Statement:

Scanning probe microscopy has been the cornerstone of nanotechnology since the late 1980s. Scanning probe instruments allow the visualization and characterization of nanometer-scale objects with minimal sample preparation. The Hall Nanometrology Laboratory in the Birck Center is the home of a custom UHV scanning probe microscope system built around an Omicron STM and AFM. This instrument is primarily for atomic-scale imaging. The STM/AFM has been integrated into stainless steel chambers equipped with fast-entry load locks and a versatile sample preparation chamber which allows for thermal or ion gun cleaning of substrates, adlayer (either molecular or metals) deposition, and tip cleaning. The Hall Laboratory is a unique nanometrology laboratory designed and built to minimize unwanted building vibrations, maintain a constant temperature and shield equipment from stray EM fields.



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Current Projects:

  • Rapid and Accurate Pathogen Identification/Detection(RAPID)Program - P. Low, Y.E. Kim, A. Wei, and R. Reifenberger


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