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Sabre Kais


Professor—Department of Chemistry


Contact Information:

Phone: +1 765 49-45965



B. S., 1983, M.S., 1984, Ph.D., 1989, Hebrew University; Postdoctoral Associate, 1989-94, Harvard University


Research Interests:

The research in our group is mainly devoted to developing new theoretical methods to treat quantum phase transitions, quantum criticality, quantum information and quantum computing, electronic structure and dynamics of molecules, clusters, quantum dots and extended systems.


Research Impact Statement:

Our research focuses on the role of quantum information in chemical systems and on developing quantum algorithms for examining complex chemical problems that can be solved efficiently using a large scale quantum computer. The results of this work will provide a quantum chemical roadmap for quantum computing, leading from small demonstrations which can be implemented now to large calculations beyond the reach of classical computers.


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Current Projects:

  • PI, "Finite Size Scaling and Quantum Criticality of Quantum Gases" ARO, $100,000 7/1/09 - 6/30/10.


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