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R. Edwin Garcia


Associate Professor of Materials Engineering


Contact Information:

Phone: (765) 494-0148


Research Interests:

I am interested in the theoretical and numerical analysis of microstructurally complex materials and devices, properties, and the processing operations that create them. My research centers on material applications for energy storage and conversion devices, actuators, and sensors. Current applications include next generation rechargeable batteries, fuel cell technologies, phosphor-free LEDs, and ferroelectric materials. I am particularly interested in the interrelations between the crystallographic anisotropy of the single crystal properties of each phase in topologically complex solids and its associated macroscopic response, as well as the reliability in a part or device. Of great relevance to my research are the development of novel numerical methods, algorithms, and software.


Impact Statement & Explanation of Research:

Our research group is interested in the application of theoretical and computational methods to understand the relations between material properties, microstructure, and microstructural evolution. Emphasis is placed on the analytical description of complex processes whenever possible and on the development of numerical algorithms and codes for microstructural simulation whenever . We are also interested in developing the means to optimize materials through fundamental understanding and scientific visualization of the relations between processing, structure, and properties.

The current focus is on the description of multifunctional material properties and its application to technologically relevant problems. Example applications include advanced rechargeable lithium ion batteries, ferroelectric microstructures, thermoelectric generators, solid oxide fuel cells, solid state light emitting diodes, and multiferroic materials. For these applications careful consideration is made to understand the interactions of the material phases at the mesoscopic level.

Whenever required, analytical tools, algorithms, and codes are developed for improving materials performance to better understand the relation between processing, structure, and properties. Such tools are being made public to the scientific community, as they become available.


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Current Projects:

  1. Ferroelectric Random Access Memories
  2. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  3. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  4. Solid State Light Emitting Devices
  5. Thermoelectric Generators

Recent publications:

  1. ``The Effect of Microstructure on the Galvanostatic Discharge of Graphite Anode Electrodes in LiCoO$_2$-Based Rocking-Chair Rechargeable Batteries.'' M. C. Smith, R. E. García, and Q. C. Horn. Submitted to Journal of the Electrochemical Society, December, 2008.
  2. ``Domain Switching Mechanisms in Polycrystalline Ferroelectrics with Asymmetric Hysteretic Behavior.'' E. Anton, R. E. García, J. Blendell, T. Key and K. Bowman. The Journal of Applied Physics. 105 024107 (2009).
  3. ``Microstructural Modeling of Ferroelectric Materials: State of the Art, Challenges and Opportunities.'' S. Leach and R. E. García. Materials Science Forum (606) 119-134, 2009.
  4. ``Spatially Resolved Numerical Modeling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode Microstructures.'' K. E. Yamamoto and R. E. García. Submitted to Journal of the Electrochemical Society. July, 2008.
  5. ``Microstructure Modeling and Design of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes: Application to the YSZ|LSM System.'' K. E. Yamamoto and R. E. García. Submitted to Journal of the Electrochemical Society. July, 2008.
  6. ``Application of a High Throughput Bioluminescence-based Method and Mathematical Model for the Quantitative Comparison of Polymer Microbicide Efficiency.'' T. R. Stratton, R. E. García, B. M. Applegate, and J. P. Youngblood. Submitted to Biomacromolecules, November, 2008.
  7. ``Image-Based Finite Element Mesh Construction for Material Microstructures.'' A. C. E. Reid, S. A. Langer, R. C. Lua, V. R. Coffman, S.-I. Haan, and R. E. García. Computational Materials Science (43) 989-999, 2008.
  8. ``Optimizing the Microstructure in Polycrystalline Ferroelectrics for Random Access Memory Applications.'' H. A. Murdoch and R. E. García Invited Paper in the International Journal of the Materials and Product Technology. In Press January, 2008.
  9. ``Modeling Microstructures in OOF2.'' A. C. E. Reid, R. C. Lua, R. E. García, V. Coffman, and S. A. Langer. Invited Paper in the International Journal of the Materials and Product Technology. In Press January, 2008.
  10. ``Spatially-Resolved Modeling of Microstructurally Complex Battery Architectures.'' R. E. García and Y.-M. Chiang. Journal of the Electrochemical Society (154) A856-A864, 2007.
  11. ``Correlations Between Crystallographic Texture and Grain Boundary Character in Polycrystalline Materials.'' R. E. García, and M. D. Vaudin Acta Materialia, (55) 5728-5735, 2007.


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