Birck Nanotechnology Center

Sinwook Park

Postdoctoral Researcher


Contact Information:

Phone: 765-494-8757



Electrical Engineering/Ajou Univiersity/2009


Research Interests:

  • Highly efficient microfluidic platforms using Electrowetting-on-dielectic (EWOD)for cell and tissue cryopreservation
  • Development of microchip to quality of bio-transport properties of the engineered tissues
  • Interstitial flow measurement of ECM structures using microfludics


Impact Statement & Explanation of Research:

The objective of research is to develop fast and highly efficient microfluidic platforms for: 1) precessing engineered tissues and harvested tissue samples, and 2) characterization and screening of cryoprotective agent mixtures for cell/tissue-type specific cryopreservation. These platforms are a microchannel-based tissue chamber and an "electro-wetting-on-dielectric" (EWOD) -based digital multiplexer. These platforms are also being used to study cell-matrix interaction and interstitial fluid flow.


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